How to Pump Fake in Basketball

If you are having a lot of your shots blocked by the defenders during a basketball game, then you may find yourself in somewhat of a desperate situation. One begins to find his/her confidence draining quickly after letting the defender get the better of them consistently. In order to regain your confidence and start scoring despite being up against a really good defender, you can try faking out the defender using the pump fake shot. Once pulled off correctly, the maneuver will cause the defender to lose his/her proper defensive positioning and give you plenty of space to take the shot without having to worry about it getting blocked.

Learning a pump fake shot is fairly simply, though perfecting it can take a bit of time.


  • 1

    Move close to the three-point line or inside it and position your body in such a way that it is square to the basket. You will probably have the defender getting into position to block your movement as well as your shot by now.

  • 2

    Quickly stop dribbling the ball and grab it with both your hands, having a strong grip on it. Placing both hands on the ball will also allow you to control it with greater ease.

  • 3

    Begin your pump fake by bending your knees, fooling the defender into thinking that you are winding up for the shot. This will cause him/her to bend their knees as well in order to jump alongside you to block the shot.

  • 4

    Place your shooting hand on the bottom of the ball, whereas the other hand, known as the off-hand, should be placed on the side of the ball. If there was any doubt in the defender’s mind about your next move, it will be replaced with certainty that you are indeed going to make the shot.

  • 5

    Straighten your knees with a jerk, while raising your elbows to the level of your eyes and jerking your head backwards at the same time. Thinking that you have jumped to make the shot, the defender will quickly jump as well, noticing only too late that your feet are still planted on the court.

  • 6

    Quickly take the shot while the defender is out of position. If you are intending to take a jump shot, swiftly bend your knees and launch yourself in their air to take the shot. The defender would most likely be called for a contact foul if your timing of jump and releasing the ball is perfect, giving you a chance of and-one.

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