Learn to Serve a Wedding Cake

The Wedding day is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life and everybody wants it to go according to the best of plans. It is arguably one of the most exciting days of a couple’s life as they are going to start a new journey with one another. The wedding cake has become a very important part of culture and nowadays a lot is spent on different unique delicacies.

The cake needs to be served impressively to avoid any mismanagement. The guests expect a lot and need to be served in the best possible way on the wedding day. A lot of things have to be taken care of right from the decorations until the last slice has been cut to give the best possible impression to the people around.

Things Required:

– Wedding cake
– Cake serving set
– Ice bucket of water
– Clean towels


  • 1

    The first slice of the wedding cake is usually cut for photographs and is known as the ceremonial slice. Follow the directions from the photographer so that everything goes according to plan. The ceremonial slice is for the bride and groom, and is tasted by each of them first

    Cut the ceremonial slice
  • 2

    After the ceremonial slice is cut, the rest of the wedding cake has to be prepared for cutting. The decorations which include floral garlands, ribbons and other embellishments are then calmly removed from the cake so that it can be cut properly. It is up to you to either save the decorations or discard them

    Remove the decorations
  • 3

    The wedding cake involves tiers and to make sure the cake is cut efficiently, start from the top tier. There are round tiers at the top and rectangular ones at the bottom. Pieces should be cut from the centre point to the end so that the shape remains consistent for all pieces. For the rectangular tier, the slices can be cut down in small rectangular shapes. The knife should be regularly cleaned with a towel so that all pieces are cut in a smooth and even manner. The cake should be cut from top to bottom to avoid any hassle.

    Start cutting from the top tier
  • 4

    Place the widest side of the cake slice on the bottom of the dessert plates so that it remains stable. Also place fork on the plate and hand it to assistants so that they serve it to the guests in a proper manner. Continue cutting the cake and making dessert plates so that the guests do not have to wait if they ask for a second slice

    Serve the slices in dessert plates

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