How to Spot Fake Gucci Online Websites

With advancement in technology there is an increase in online criminals as well, who by making fake online website of huge brands and company, run their own business, or they exploit the customers of the specific brands. Like other huge brands, Gucci has also earned great importance among people. Due to the reliability of products, Gucci has become a favorite brand of many people, but the online criminals who through their not so clever techniques are building up fake Gucci online website and claim to be the brand ambassadors. There are several ways to spot the fakeness of the website, but for that you just need to have moderate amount of know how about internet and computer.


  • 1

    If while browsing you come across a Gucci website, then the first thing which you have to do is to check the URL properly. See if the name of the brand in the URL is correctly written or is it incorrect.

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    The next thing you have to see is that is the website associated with the official Gucci Website. If it is not, then you have picked another proof of its fakeness.

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    Compare the website with the original Gucci website. This can be done very easily, go to the page where the out lets and the contact information has been written match it with the information mentioned on the official website. If the stated outlets and contact info is not matching, then another proof of bogusness has been revealed.

  • 4

    The last thing which you have to do is to see whether the links mentioned on the websites are working or not, because there are few links which seems original, but they do not work.

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    After spotting all phony aspects of the site you will have to visit the official website and send them an email about the fake site and confirm whether it is actually fake, or it is not.

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