How to Stop Beach Pollution

Spending time on a beach with a loved one can be the most romantic thing on this planet. Imagine the waves hitting your feet and the sea breeze almost blowing you away, but you resisting it and holding on tight to your partner.

All of this seems to be really beautiful, like a fantasy, but things are not that rosy these days. Most of the people who visit the beaches these days tend to throw a lot of garbage there and without proper disposal; this waste becomes an integral part of the whole scenery. This not only affects the natural beauty but is also hazardous for the shore based living creatures.

Shore pollution is especially prominent in the under developed countries. Whenever you visit any beach, there is so much pollution around that you can hardly breathe, let alone enjoy the wonderful surroundings.


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    Assess the level of pollution

    Firstly, you will have to assess the overall level of the beach pollution. It may not be out of control yet and you can do small things to improve the situation. Therefore, go to the beach and note what you feel is wrong in terms of beach pollution. You can then prepare a document and post it to the concerned government department.

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    Spread awareness

    Spreading awareness amongst people was not the easiest of tasks a few decades ago. However, things have changed to a great extent and you can share your message with the entire world through the Internet. Educate the people around you, using the social networking websites. You can make a huge contribution by doing this.

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    Pick up trash from the shores

    Another thing you can do is cleaning up the trash from the shores. You can involve your friends, colleagues and other concerned people. Even if you are alone, start doing so on your own and there will be a lot of people, who will follow your example.

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    Help the authorities

    There are some spots on every beach where the effect of low water is most prominent. Throwing garbage at these places will cause greater pollution. If this hasn't been done yet, help the authorities make a note of that. Those specific spots should be banned for public.

    Also campaign for starting a fine system for the violators.

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