How to Stop Dizziness From a Hangover

Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages causes hangover which causes many unpleasant feelings like headache, dizziness, diarrhea, thirst and nausea. You start feeling these unpleasant physiological affects once the intoxication effects of alcohol starts to go.

One of the most common effects of excessive alcoholic drinks is the feelings of dizziness and lethargy.  It badly affects person’s quality of sleep by reducing it. When the blood glucose level rise, the body removes it with help from insulin it produces. However, when the blood glucose level falls after the reaction, it leads to dizziness.

Things Required:

– Rehydration solutions
– Face cloth
– Pillows


  • 1

    Get rehydration solutions

    First thing you can do is to rehydrate your body. You can do this with the help from rehydration solvents.

    Remember to follow instruction on the solution for consuming it.

    This solution consists of potassium, glucose and sodium which will help rehydrate your body.

  • 2

    Get nutrient rich snacks

    You can eat light snacks after every few minutes in order to deal with the dizziness. Remember to take in low glycemic index snacks which will help in maintaining the blood glucose levels. You need to consume nutrient rich snacks e.g. chicken salad and steamed vegetables.

  • 3


    You need to take rest in a relaxing place or room. Rest by placing some pillows under your head and then close your eyes. Remember rest in a calm room and switch off the lights.

    After closing your eyes you need to breathe air in and out slowly for few minutes. You need to place your hands over your belly while doing this process.

  • 4

    Move slowly

    After resting, you need to stand and move slowly without moving your head much. Remember you need to rise slowly first into sitting position and after staying like this for few minutes, then you can stand up slowly.

  • 5

    Go to sleep early

    In order to recover your lost sleep, you need to go to bed early. Cereal with milk is most preferable at this time as you need carbohydrate rich food. Remember not to take caffeine or tea before going to bed as it will impair your sleep.

  • 6

    Drink less alcohol

    In order to avoid further dizziness, you should drink less alcohol at a time. In addition to this, you need to avoid drinking alcohol for few days in a week.

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