How to Take Advantage of Your Boss Being on Vacation

It is the greatest feeling in the world when you know that the corner office is going to be unoccupied for a week or two. Yes, the team lead has taken off to somewhere serene and wants to take off from the usual. That doesn’t mean you can’t do the same, well you wouldn’t go on a vacation but you can bring all the fun to your office, especially when there is no one around to throw their weight around the office.

The authority figure is gone, and that is the best kind of vacation for most employees, as work dynamics change drastically, but there is always someone second-in-command, and there is nothing worse than that second-in-command acting like a big shot who always wanted to give orders left, right and centre.

Your play time can be seriously affected by that. And besides someone is always watching, so all you need is not to get caught, and this article will help you have a ball totally undetected.


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    If you think your boss is capable of calling you on your office number, and might find you MIA, you can always have those office calls forwarded to your cell phone, so you don’t miss anything and also give it out an impression that you are the way your boss left you.

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    Pretending will be the order of the entire time your boss is on vacation. Keep pretending that you are running errands that your boss wanted you to run while he is on vacation. Make pretend-complain so everyone knows you’re doing your job other than goofing off.

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    You will have the privilege to extend your lunch breaks. The one you usually have at your desk can be spent facebooking or you can indulge yourself in any online activity, and then take the second one by going out have lunch for real.

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    Now, that you have a little room to squeeze in your personal business while the boss is away, make sure you take care of it once he is gone. The busy schedule you usually have is no more, and you can get caught up on your to-do-list, and address it while you have the time.

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    Track something that your boss always wanted to do and you could never do it because you were too lazy or it was too taxing that you never showed any will to complete it. This is your time to do it just to show you have been working when your boss comes back.

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