How to Take Off a Step Bar on a Ford

Step bar, which is also known as running board, makes it easy for you to step in or out of the Ford truck or SUV. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for you to take it out of your SUV or truck; in case it is damaged or if you plan to upgrade it with a new one.

For many people, it may appear like a daunting task. However, the reality is completely different, as it is really easy to take it off if you have little mechanical skills. Therefore, you should not spend too much money to call a professional to do this job.


  • 1

    Put on safety glasses and place a jack under the front area of your SUV or truck. Make sure you place it at the side where your target step bar is installed. In some cases, you may not need to apply the jack, if you have sufficient space to crawl underneath your SUV or truck. If you feel that you do not need to apply the jacks, then skip to step 3.

  • 2

    Raise the front of the vehicle using your jack and place the jack stand near the jack point. Now lower down the front side and place it over the jack stand. Repeat the same process to place the jack stand at the back of the vehicle.

  • 3

    Slide under the vehicle from the side where your target step bar is installed. Make sure you bring the sockets and socket wrench with you. You will see bolts at the step bar mounting bracket, which hold the step bar with the bracket.

  • 4

    Use your socket wrench and socket to loosen the bolts from the front side of the step bar and take them out of the bracket. You can now set the side on the ground and remove the bolts from its rear mounting bracket.

  • 5

    Get out from under the vehicle and take the step bar out. You can now lower your vehicle by placing the jack and removing the jack stands from both the front and the back side of the vehicle, if you placed them in step 2.

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