How to Throw a Western Theme Birthday Party for Kids

If you are a fan of the western culture then why not incorporate the theme in your next birthday party. It is an interesting and very different theme for a birthday party. The western culture has some very distinct properties that can be displayed in the various decorations for the party. The games, clothing and even refreshments should be planned accordingly. If you plan it before hand and use the right decorations it will become a party that no kid will forget. Follow some simple tips to throw a western themed birthday party for kids.


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    Invitation cards

    Horse shoe shape is associated with the western theme. So cut out the invitation cards in horse shoe shape. The information of the venue, time and date should be printed on it.  The cards can either be printed or you could make them by hand. Another option is to make “wanted” posters. They can easily be drawn on brown chart paper and you could paste your kid's picture on it and print the information below. Cards can also be made on bandannas.

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    Put bales of hay on the side of the ground and scatter straw everywhere. The tables should be covered with checked table clothes which are red and white in color. The centerpiece of each table should be made with balloons tied to toy horses. Streamers and balloons should be hung to every possible place to give a festive effect. The play area should also be decorated with horse saddles.

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    Play games like pin the tail on the donkey as they will go with the theme. Take a poster board and draw a large horse on it. The tail should be made from yarn strands with tape on the end. The children should then be blindfolded and they have to try and stick the tail at the right place. Another game is horseshoe that people of all ages can enjoy.

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    Food and cake

    Order a cake in the shape of a sheriffs’ badge or a cowboy hat. Other treats like cupcakes could also be served decorated with sheriff’s badge. The kids can take off the badge and eat the cup cake. The menu should be cowboy style with beans, hotdogs, pork, corn on the cob etc. Serve lemonade to the kids. Give goodie bags to the kids filled with squirt guns, cowboy hats and candies. Also, make sure that you make different goodie bags for both girls and boys.

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