How to Use Rosemary to Treat Hair Loss

Rosemary oil shampoo has been found to be very effective when treating baldness and hair damage. It has been observed that this natural herb helps in the process of hair regrowth, while at the same time improving the overall health of existing hair. It will only take you a day to prepare this oil and then you can store it in a jar and use whenever you shower. Hence, if you have a receding hairline, you can give this oil a try as it holds no chemicals harmful for hair.


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    In order to treat hair loss or damaged hair you can use fresh or dry rosemary to make your own hair treatment oil/shampoo.

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    You need to remove the leaves from the rosemary stems and put them all in a storage container. Now leave this container for a night or at least a few hours to give the leaves adequate time to dry.

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    Now grab a pot and place the rosemary in it. The next step is to add grape seed oil such that it covers the rosemary in the pot. It is preferred that in order to avoid a chemical reaction between the oil and the substance of your pot, you use glass, stainless steel or an iron pot.

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    Take another pot larger than the one with the rosemary and fill it with water. Place the first pot in the second and heat for approximately three hours, keeping the heat set on low. This will allow the oil mixture to infuse with the rosemary. Keep an eye on the heating as overheating may destroy the mixture.

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    Now take the mixture out of the pot and into a glass jar and leave it to cool off overnight. It is advised to keep this jar in a cool and dark place away from sunlight.

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    The next morning you need to massage this homemade rosemary oil into your hair as you shower. If necessary you may rinse and repeat.

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    It not only helps treat hair loss but also adds shine to dark coloured hair.

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    Within weeks you will certainly feel a visible change in the health of your hair and signs of regrowth.

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