How to Use Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical makeup is one of the most overwhelming tasks for any makeup artist, especially for those who do not practice it regularly. However, one can comfortably master the art by following some simple set of rules at the start. With the passage of time, one can perfectly achieve perfection in applying theatrical makeup.

Things Required:

– Base
– Liners (dark and light)
– Translucent powder
– Rouge
– Lip color
– Mascara


  • 1

    Take a base that matches your skin tone perfectly. With the help of a dry and clean sponge or your fingers, start applying the base on your face evenly. Make sure that you apply it over your ears and your neck as well if you are going to wear an open neck costume.

  • 2

    Take a dark liner, to add low lights to your facial features. Make sure that you darken the temples on both sides of your nose. Apply low lights under your cheekbones, and alter the jaw line if you intend to give out a heavier look.

  • 3

    Now take out your highlights, and start applying them with the help of a large brush over your face. Start applying it from the top of your cheekbones. If you have altered your jaw line, then make sure that apply highlights at the top of it to compliment the low lights.

  • 4

    Take out the translucent powder of your choice, and apply a thin layer of it over your entire face. Once you have applied the powder, take a clean brush, and remove all the excessive powder by gently rubbing the brush over your entire face.

  • 5

    After you are done with the powder, it is time to start applying rogue over your face. Start from your forehead to the end of your nose. Then your cheeks and chin. Rogue should be applied all over your face where the sun directly hits to create natural colouring look. Apply light rogue if you do not intend to show that you are wearing makeup, but apply heavy rogue if you are intending to give out a look that you are wearing makeup.

  • 6

    Finally, your eyes need to wear mascara. It can only be avoided if your audience is extremely limited. However, in front of a large audience, mascara should be worn; otherwise your eyes will absolutely disappear.

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