How to Wear a Maternity Belt

During pregnancy, a number of women face problems in distributing the weight of the abdominal region. In such cases, doctors recommend maternity support belts, which even out your abdominal weight. These belts also reduce back pain, which is often witnessed in pregnancy. Maternity support belts are extremely useful for getting rid of the pains which are caused by the stretching of the abdomen and allow you to do light abdominal exercises as well.

You do not have to worry about the expected growth of your belly while buying a maternity support belt because most of them come with an adjustable strap, helping you change the size.


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    Choose the right belt

    There are many kinds of maternity support belts available in the market. Some women use these belts for abdominal pressure relief; whereas, there are some belts for exercises as well. You need to buy a belt according to your own preference. Try the belt once before buying and make sure that it fits you nicely and comfortably.

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    Abdominal support pad

    The abdominal support pad needs to be put directly under the abdomen, making sure that the abdomen is lifted by the pads without any trouble. You must avoid resting the pad on your thighs. You also need to fasten the Velcro hook to secure the pad.

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    Wear the belt

    Slide the belt behind your back with one hand while holding the support belt with the other. Once the back has been covered, grab both sides of the belt with each hand and stretch it, so that you may secure the belt to the abdominal pad.

    Make sure that the Velcro strip does not rest on your skin as it may cause rashes. Now you may adjust the maternity support belt according to the size of your belly.

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    Lie on the floor and reattach the belt

    In order to provide relief to your back pain, lay on your back on a clean floor. This will offer extra support to your abdomen. Bend your knees and open the straps of the belt. Now stretch the belt once again and link it to your abdominal pad. This process is going to give additional cushion to your back, allowing you to perform your day to day affairs more efficiently, avoiding risk of aggravating the situation.

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