How to Write a Law School Essay

Law school essay tests are extremely difficult and require a lot of attention and thought. You must attain good score in essay tests in order to get competitive marks in your overall examinations. There are many methods which you can use to improve your essay writing skills. However, IRAC (issue, rule, application and conclusion) is the most widely used method which is followed by almost every student in the field of law.

To write a good law school essay, you must have a sound grip on your subjects and the current issues of your surroundings related to economics, politics and society.


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    First of all, you have to read the essay question carefully. Give at least five minutes to understand the essay question before starting to write. You cannot write a good essay until or unless you understand the statement thoroughly. The most common mistakes which the students do, is that they start to write the essay just after reading the opening few lines which is completely wrong. Usually, the essay statement is quite dodging. It asks about an issue in the beginning, refutes it in the middle and come with something new at the end. Therefore, you must read the whole statement first before beginning your essay.

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    After comprehending the statement, you have to think about the present issues which are related with it. You don’t have to tell long stories, just reason logically and write everything to the point.

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    It will be better for you to prepare an outline regarding the essay in your mind. It will help you in addressing everything within the given span of time.

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    Since you are attempting a law school essay, you must also highlight the legal issues which are prevailing and are related to the essay statement. You can quote the leading cases which have not yet been decided by the court of law or which have been criticised over the limitations of rules and policies.

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    Write your own stance regarding all the issues which you had explained in the previous steps. Your stance must be clear without any kind of ambiguity or vagueness. Never try to be diplomatic in your approach.

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    The conclusion of your essay is very important. Summarise everything in your conclusion and briefly express your stance on the whole statement.

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