Thank You Dinner Email

When you attend a dinner at someone’s home and cannot help praising the reception, food and the gathering, it becomes necessary that you express your feelings in a formal way. Writing thank you letters is a nice way to get your message across and make the organizers of the dinner think that their guests left home happy and satisfied.

Start the email with subject. You can write things like “Thank you for the lovely dinner” in the subject line.

Address the recipient by their name. You can write Dear (name of the reader). If the dinner was arranged by a company or a group, you can use “Dear All.”

The first paragraph of the thank you dinner email should state directly that you were  extremely satisfied with the reception and the overall dinner. Since you are writing an email, the letter should be short and precise. No one has the time to read long letters; so be clear and to the point in the opening paragraph.

The second paragraph should focus on how good the dinner was. If you liked something particular at the event, mention it in your email. Most of the times, a thank you dinner email should not be longer than one paragraph, but adding some details does not kill the purpose of the message.

Conclude the letter by saying thanks once again.


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    Sample Thank You Dinner Email

    Subject: Congratulations on an excellent dinner

    Dear Shane and Laura,

    I am writing this email to thank you for arranging a wonderful dinner party at your home last night. I must say that you both surprised all the guests with great reception, nice food and a relaxing environment.

    I have been to many dinner parties in the recent years, but unlike most, you really made every one of us feel at home. The food, despite the number of guests, was more than enough and some of the cuisine was totally new to us. To tell you the truth, I was a bit double minded before I decide to join your dinner, but after I stepped inside the house, I said to myself that it was worth the time.

    I congratulate you for arranging such an amazing dinner party and making me feel happy.


    Adam Gill

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    Template of Thank You Dinner Email

    Subject: _____________

    Dear (Recipient name),

    I am writing this email to tell you about the wonderful time I had at your dinner party last weekend. I did not get a chance to thank you right after the party, but it was becoming increasingly hard for me to ignore and not appreciate your love and sincerity.

    The food was amazing and I bet most of the guests had never eaten anything like that before. The reception was pretty good as well and all the guests felt comfortable.

    I will thank you again for inviting me to your wonderful dinner party and hope that we will have more such dinners together in future.


    (Sender name)

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