Tips For Raising a Kid in a Cross-cultural Marriage

Just like learning a new skill, meeting someone different can be very exciting and fascinating. You just want to get to know everything about this person; love grows and soon after marriage follows. You get along well and everything seems perfect until a child comes into the picture and then comes the reality check.

Raising a kid is especially more challenging when both parents have been brought up differently – from different cultures. They mostly have strong and sometimes opposing views of the best way to raise a child.

However, as parents, both are equally responsible, and the tips here should be helpful in such a scenario.


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    Balance both sides

    Both your norms and values should be inculcated in your child’s upbringing; after all he or she is a product of your combination and has the right to be influenced by both of you.

    Your child should ideally be introduced to both cultures at an early age so that he is comfortable with the basics and knows where his parents belong.

    However, you always need to allow your child have to have his or her say regarding his preferences. For instance, he or she should be allowed to decide where the summer should be spent etc.

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    Both parents have an equal right to decide which languages would be spoken at home or whether they want their kid to be bilingual. However, such decisions need to be made as early as possible because children learn things really fast as they are growing and developing.

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    The faith to which a child should belong can cause a disagreement among parents. Naturally, both of them promote their own faiths and consider them to be the right paths.

    However, ideally you should introduce your child to both religions and let him/her decide which one he/she wants to follow and believe in. Religion is a matter of personal preference and belief, and neither of you should try and influence it.

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    The two of you should focus on celebrating both your cultures with equal enthusiasm and zeal. Your child should not feel the need to pick and choose one. There is no harm in celebrating events particular to other cultures and in the end you will be giving your child a richer understanding of things.

    All this will include events, celebrations, types of food, clothing, art and even some mannerisms and greetings.

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    Family connections

    Family plays a big role in any child's development, and in order to properly raise a child in a cross-cultural marriage you need to make sure he/she gets enough attention from both sides of the family and learns from them.

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    Make sure that both your ideas are respected. Parents feel a deep commitment with regards to ideas about child-rearing.

    Do not disregard your spouse’s culture, country of origin or religion at any point in time, especially not in front of your kid. This will give your child the impression that the two of you are divided, which may pressure him/her to pick sides.

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