Top 10 Women Fantasies

What goes through a woman’s head is something that men have been trying to figure out since the dawn of time. The fairer sex is extremely good at hiding their thoughts, desires and imaginations, unlike men, who feel little to no shame in expressing their fantasies, irrespective of how wild, weird, or objectionable they are.

After years of research, and having questioned thousands of females, researchers have finally managed to learn about a few things that women fantasise about. Of course, different women have different fantasies, but there are some fantasies that are shared by the majority of the female species.


  • 1

    Fairy tale life

    Nearly every woman fantasises about having a fairy tale life. She dreams of a life in which her prince charming sweeps her off her feet and she spends the rest of her days living a perfect life with him, happily ever after.

  • 2

    Travel around the globe

    Women love to travel around the world, seeing new sights and hearing new sounds. The adventurous spirit of a woman is often curbed by society, but it never truly dies.

  • 3

    Centre of attention

    Women love to be the centre of attention. Even when they have a partner and are in a steady relationship, they continue to relish the importance and attention given to them by those around them.

  • 4

    Shop like a billionaire

    Women fantasise about shopping to their heart’s desire without having to worry about their financial limitations. Some women fulfil this fantasy by getting themselves a really rich partner.

  • 5

    Dream date

    Nearly every woman dreams of going on a dream date with the man of her dreams. This man can be her husband, or even someone else, such as a celebrity she is mad about. In her dream date, everything is perfect, from the man, to the place, gift, beginning and ending.

  • 6

    Slave partner

    Even though a lot of women may never come out and admit it, they secretly crave a partner who would do anything and everything they want him to do. Nothing excites such females more than having complete control of their men.

  • 7

    Dream home

    Every woman dreams of a perfect house at the perfect location. Young women typically dream of a house with a white picket fence in a large green field on a hill. More mature women typically fantasise about a big bungalow. Some females, who are crazy about chocolate, may even wish for a house that is built of chocolate.

  • 8

    Taking charge

    In nearly every society, it is the man who is in charge, making the big and important decisions and telling the woman what to do. A lot of women harbour a great desire for this authority, so that they can be the one to lead the way and make big decisions that affect both them and their partner.

  • 9

    A chance encounter with a stranger

    Many women dream of a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger. The desire to meet someone completely new, in an ideal situation and surroundings, is a romantic concept that many women enjoy fantasising about.

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  • 10

    Supernatural powers

    A lot of women are fascinated by superpowers and crave the ability to fly, move at the speed of light, have an X-ray vision, etc.

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