9/11: An Unforgivable Event

The art of war is a sword that cuts deeply with both ends, leaving many wounded, scarred, confused, and angered.

The most difficult and agonizing truth about any war is that it only takes a diminutive number of terror touting radicals to cause a multitude of chaos and destruction throughout the entire world; leaving the innocent and those who are dispassionate about a cause to pay for the deliberate action made by the few; and what’s worse is having someone know about the plans of terror touting terrorist, sit still and just wait for an event such as 9/11 to happen. When a missile falls, its exact destination is not promised, nor are the lives of those who maybe ignorant to its target. It is now 2006, and nothing has seemed to change about the ill wind that is referred to as operation freedom. What about operation “U.S. Soil?”

Some may disagree and argue with my point and say that there has been a multitude of change because our government and armed forces have managed to prevent another attack on United State’s soil, which is true, but our fears have not been removed, but are sustained. Some may feel that the deaths of our soldiers are justified in the name of peace, and that the 4 year war, all the hits and missiles misses, along with the tax increases are all within a justifiable means to attain and restore peace to our nation, or something close to peace, but I feel that no death is justifiable. There are those who would prefer to remain consciously blind, deaf and objective to the entire situation because of fear of expressing their honest opinions about our government’s effort on the war. However, I am not one of those people and I have no difficulty candidly stating that I still feel unconvinced and threatened as I sit in my room, at my desk, in the United States typing this article that the United States will be able to prevent another catastrophe such as 9/11 from happening again.

I also believe that nothing has changed during this war except for the yearly tax increases, added limitations on freedom of travel, growing fears of citizens and never ending anxiety. Unknown terrorist cells still co-exist in our nation, which disturbs my peace of mind and causes me to question the safety of our nation. This also probes me to ask why it feels as though the United States remains as a sitting duck and leaves me to wonder why more efforts to detain these terrorists are not being done. I cannot help but to wonder when the next plane is going to fly into another building, when the next metropolitan city will be attacked, or when the next tragedy will strike U.S. soil, or another countries soil. This isn’t fair and no one should be made to feel this way.

Some ask if this situation can get any worse and I am one of those who fear that it may. Who are we fooling here? The fact that our nation has lost more soldiers, more families have been left heartbroken, and the terrorist have not stopped their dirt dealing and holy war plotting against our country, says that the government’s plan has quite a few glitches that need to be fixed. What even vexes me more is the fact that we as citizens, who pay our taxes each year, are paying the government to protect our rights, lives, freedom, peace of mind and our pursuit of happiness, but we were failed by the government on 9/11. It sickens me to know that the government knew prior to the attack of 9/11, but did not do enough or anything at all to prevent it. Why do we paying taxes if events such as 9/11 could happen to us again which is clearly meant to be rhetorical question.

We are required by law as U.S. citizens to pay taxes for living in the United States and it these very taxes that pay and pad the pockets of our head officials, intelligence agencies, and our leaders to do a job that is being half done, which makes me feel as though I am a customer who paid for a service that was half ass done. We should get a refund and those who have lost family members in the wake of 9/11 should never be forced to pay taxes again!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of speech is a GOD given and Constitutional right that I have earned. Some of you may feel that this is a broad and unwarranted statement and there are some of you who may also feel that maybe I am being a bit ridiculous, but I am serious. Think of yourself as a customer who purchases a product. You get home, open it, use it and it breaks down somewhere and somehow along the way. You’re not happy with its service, so you take it back to the store and get a refund! Prior to 9/11, we as U.S. citizens were paying our government for their services such as protection and we did not get what we paid for! How about a refund? Yes, I do know that taxes not only pay and pad the packets of our leaders, and I do know that if it were not for taxes, I would not have a pothole filled road to drive on, or the pollution in the sky….. ( Yes, I am being politically sarcastic! )

Some may argue and say that the entire country was not attacked, or that only a handful of the United State’s population was killed, but I have to disagree with that belief because everyone in the nation is united as ‘one’. We may be individuals of different races, social classes and ethnicities, but together we stand and together we fall. When one person is a victim, we all become victims. When my neighbor, or friend lost a loved one in 9/11, I lost a loved one. We are all connected and we as individuals represent the United States.

We did not pay to have our families killed. I am not attacking, or directing this statement at our armed forces that have fought wars that they did not create, and who have served our country. I am not attacking the men and women who are currently fighting to protect and ensure my freedoms or the freedoms of a stranger that is still my neighbor. I am not attacking those who have lost their lives in this effort to squash terrorist’s plots and who are over in the Middle East this moment protecting our country because I am thankful for their courageous spirits, kind hearts and efforts. I am also sorrowful.

I blame our government because our government is responsible for giving orders and our soldiers only follow the orders. Our soldiers do not and cannot move an inch unless they are told to move, or jump and when told, they are given precise instructions on just how much to move, or jump. The bottom line is that they cannot act upon an order unless they are told by a higher authority and that authority is our government. So I’d like to know do we as a nation move on? How do we forgive our government for allowing this to happen? We certainly know that we will never forget what the government allowed to take place. Many who are religious feel that we should not criticize our government’s actions, and that we should be supportive of our country. I am supportive and I am glad that I live in the United States, but I am angry! I am angry that the United States allowed something like 9/11 to occur in the first place, especially when they knew prior to the attacks.

Several nations do believe that the U.S. has managed to secure and insure the safety of our nation by using any means possible, but have we really when there are still terror cells sitting in wait in our country waiting to attack any minute?

Now that the nation has been presented with a multitude of accumulating details of the government’s prior knowledge of 9/11 and more allegations along with embarrassing evidence continues to surface; we as a nation are left to seek out answers to our questions that will never be answered, excused, explained away, or defend the actions of the guilty and the accused.

Yours Truly,

A U.S. Citizen

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