CEMEX Danger in Lyons, Co

The environment in Lyons, Colorado is at risk. For a nice, little, Middle-American town, the people of Lyons have sure been coming down with a lot of unexpected illnesses.

People are suffering from lung disease, asthma, burning of the skin, lungs and sensory organs just from the cement kiln dust thrown into the air. Air emissions of lead and mercury have caused reproductive toxins, and cancer. Other causes of these effects include dioxins & furans. Nitrogen oxide, released in 2004 at 3,182,000 lbs in air emissions have given people lung irritation and lung gamage.

There’s one place, one company you should be pointing a finger at for all of these afflictions, and that’s the Lyons’ CEMEX plant. Now run by Steve Goodrich, this plant has been polluting the city of Lyons for years. Dust from its kiln settles on cars and houses. People breathe in this toxic dust and most of the afflictions listed above can be explained as a result of it.

CEMEX, a major cement producer based out of Mexico can and should be investing in the right controls to stop these pollutants. Tire dust from moving vehicles can be toxic too. CEMEX wants the people of Colorado to pay them over $200,000 a year in tire-burning taxes. Whether you want to believe it or not, this major corporation doesn’t care about the health hazzards their plants are creating.

Activitist with the Colorado Citizens Campaign are rallying against the plant, and its toxins. They’re urging Steve Goodrich to help clean up the toxins, and save others in the future from coming down with these diseases and illnesses. If you log on to their website at www.coloradocitizens.org, and give them your contribution, we may be able to help the Colorado Citizens make these considerable changes.

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