Certain Dri Antiperspirant

Excessive sweating or perspiration affects millions of people. In some cases, excessive underarm perspiration occurs when nervous or during strenuous activity. Unfortunately, some people deal with extreme sweating regardless of occasion. For this matter, perspiration may become severe during the winter months, or while relaxing and enjoying a book. Persons living with this condition may benefit from using Certain Dri antiperspirant.

Our bodies are designed to release perspiration. It serves as a mechanism for cooling the body. With proper balance, sweating is a good thing. On the other hand, if living with chronic sweating, your underarms may constantly drip or you may experience sweat running down your arms. Excessive sweating can affect both males and females. Persons with this condition may have very large and noticeable sweat marks under their arm sleeves. This condition is commonly referred to as hyperhidrosis, and until recently, little could be done to treat the problem. Now, persons with this condition have the option of getting botox shots to prevent underarm sweating. Naturally, the idea of receiving painful injections is not a good one. For this matter, Certain Dri is the next best thing.

I begin experiencing problems with excessive sweating about seven years ago. The problem began with little warning. The wets spots were noticed one evening after removing my jacket. Until then I had never had any problems with excessive sweating. Immediately, I began looking for possible solutions. Every brand of deodorant which made claims of controlling excessive sweating was purchased, but to no avail. I finally had to resort to wearing dark colored materials, or fabrics that did not produce noticeable stains.

About three year ago, I saw a commercial on television for Certain Dri. This lady is dancing at a party, and when she lifts her arms, there are two huge wet spots. I literally jumped out of my seat because I was living with the same condition. I went on a search for the antiperspirant. I purchased the antiperspirant, and received great results. When the time came to re-buy the product, it was no longer being sold at the retailer. Thus, I was forced to use regular deodorants again.

Approximately two months ago retailers in my area began selling the product again. Since this time, I have experienced very little underarm sweating. Certain Dri is doctor recommended. In fact, the antiperspirant is prescription strength. The deodorant must be applied nightly. One application can protect against excessive sweat for up to 3 days. Because Certain Dri is not a deodorant, users must apply regular deodorant in the morning after bathing, or purchase Certain Dri A.M. deodorant.

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