Do-it-Yourself Home Manicures

There is nothing wrong with a little pampering. Hence, many women and men enjoy massages, facials, and manicures. Although these indulgences are worth the money, some people are unable to financially keep up with the routine. With this said, it helps to learn easy do-it-yourself techniques. An easy do-it-yourself pampering treat is a manicure. In as little as thirty minutes, you can easily transform your chipped polish nails into a beautiful design. Here are a few easy and quick steps for do-it-yourself home manicures.

Needed Supplies:

Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Balls
Nail Filer
Base Coat
Nail Polish
Top Coat

Step 1. Using the nail polish remover and a cotton ball, remove all traces of previous nail color.

Step 2. Soak nails in a bowl of warm water for ten minutes. Use a towel to dry hands.

Step 3. Using a nail filer or cuticle pen, gently push back cuticles. Applying cuticle oil is optional. In some instances, nail polish remover will include ingredients that promote healthy cuticles.

Step 4. Gently massage hands using moisturizer or lotion.

Step 5. Apply one coat of clear nail polish or base coat. Allow the base coat to completely dry. To speed the process, use a small hand drying fan.

Step 6. Apply a coat of colored nail polish. Allow color to dry, and then repeat by applying another coat.

Step 7. Apply one coat of clear nail polish or top coat. Allow nails to dry.

Nail polish dries at varying speeds. For faster drying nails, select a color or top coat that contain ingredients which promote quick drying. Even after nail color dries, it will take about a half hour for the color to fully harden. To avoid chipped or smeared nail color, attempt to stop all activity for about 30 minutes. This might include washing the dishes, cleaning, etc.

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