Gary’s Discount Outlet is Piketon Ohio’s Christmas Gift Center

It is that time of year again. We all are out looking for good deals and unique gifts to buy for those people in our lives that have everything. If you live in southern Ohio, you don’t have to look any further than Gary’s Discount Outlet. It is located in the village of Piketon, just outside Waverly, Ohio. Their address is 533 South West Street, Piketon, Ohio. And their phone number is 740-289-3883.

Piketon is considered more of a village than a city. Considering their small size, one wouldn’t think that they would have such an unique store. But they do and are proud of it.

Gary’s Discount Outlet offers a lot of collectables, such as Indian and wolf figurines. They also sell porcelain dolls and Indian Dream Catchers.

In their furniture department, you can find lamps in all types of styles and sizes. Some of the most popular are their touch lamps that has the faces of wolves, angels and unicorns on the lamp shade. You can also find blankets with some of the same designs.

Gary’s Discount Outlet also offers you many ways to show your pride in the USA. They have tons of patriotic decorations that can adorn any room.

They also carry table clothes, place mats and table runners in all different styles. Some think the lace versions that they carry are the prettiest.

Gary’s Discount Outlet also caters to the children on our gift list. They have a huge variety of children’s toys, including toy cars, dolls, sporting activities, games, and even yo-yos.

And no, they didn’t forget the man on your shopping list. They carry a full line of tools ranging from your man’s small needs such as wrenches, screw drivers and the like to his much bigger needs like air compressors, engine pulleys, to electric tools such as cordless drills.

If your man has enough tools, you can find other items for him as well at Gary’s. They carry a decent variety of collectible knives, in cases. They also carry B-B and pellet guns.

In their furniture department you can find mattresses, box springs, dressers, sofas chairs and tables. You can also find lamps in all types of styles and sizes in this department. Some of the most popular are their touch lamps that has the faces of wolves, angels and unicorns on the lamp shade. They sometimes carry blankets with some of the same designs.

Besides being a store that sells unique gift, Gary’s Discount Outlet also caters to the every day needs of its customers. They carry a full line of household cleaning products, health and beauty items, stationery products, toys for your animals, all of your gift wrapping needs, not to mention party items. They also carry candy and chips to satisfy their customers hunger pangs.

Gary’s Discount Outlet is located in an ideal spot in the middle of Piketon. They have an ample size parking lot and they are located near some diners and the local drug store. That makes their location convenient for their local citizens.

With the holidays growing closer, the residents of Piketon and the surrounding areas are excited. Gary’s Discount Outlet is known for their annual holiday sale. It is such a big event, that their customers know that they better come early before the bargains are all gone. Their whole inventory is at least twenty percent off and lots of their stuff is discounted as much as fifty to seventy percent. When this event is held, their parking lot will remain full from the before opening of their store to closing of it.

That itself proves just how great Gary’s Discount Outlet is for holiday shopping as well as everyday shopping.

If you are ever in Piketon, Ohio, do yourself a favor and stop by Gary’s Discount Outlet. Their pleasant and helpful staff will be pleased to see you.

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