Rumble Roses XX Cheats

Rumble Roses XX Cheats! Unlock swimsuits, sound tests, photo shoot modes, and all characters!

-Unlockable: Photo Shoot mode
You must get 8,000 cash then go get the camera in the shop.

-Unlockable: Sound Test in locker room
You must get 9,000 cash then go get the audio set in the shop.

-Unlockable: Rowdy Reiko
Use Reiko Hinomoto, and play with her until she becomes the champion. Then,use Evil Rose and BEAT Reiko. Take the championship title from her. Then win the reward match against Rowdy Reiko.

-Unlockable: Swimsuits
When you play as any default character in their swinsuits for several matches, the suits themselves will eventually become available for purchase. They’ll go for $9,000 for all the other characters.

-Unlockable: Maid Costume
From the Locker Room, go to the photo shoot mode with all of the characters. It will unlock and become available in the shop under Edit Costume.

-Unlock Swimwear
Swimwear can be unlocked in the shop by winning a few normal matches while your fighter is wearing her swimwear costume (one slot left of the default costume). Unlock the swimwear option by playing (and winning) at least one Queen’s Match.

You cannot purchase the swimwear of your fighter (you already have it), but it will be available for the other fighters in their shop.

Hint – Costume Clues

The shop’s locked costumes can be unlocked by fulfilling the various conditions hinted at in the text box. Some conditions include holding onto titles, winning over certain opponents, or simply spending time in other modes.

Hint – Pump Her Up

Partaking in any match increases your fighter’s ability to be customized in body (appearance) and muscle (performance). Increasing muscle stats will increase the damage you do, and reduce the damage taken. Only the normal fighter may be customized; superstars are played as designed. Strikes and throws increase stats. Being subject to submissions reduce them.

Hint – Girl Partner. Huhuhuhuhu

When selecting a match partner, characters with histories (good or bad) will have something to say on the character select menu when you select the portrait but before you you confirm superstar status and color. Use the pre-match tag screens (exhibition is best) to determine the viability of the coupling. Wrestlers shaking their heads are a bad sign.

If you’re in need of real help, select any two characters and enter an exhibition Tag Match (or any regular Tag Match, although these are not always available). On the VS screen, there is an icon corresponding to each pairing. The halo around the icon signifies a good match-up, whereas a lightning bolt signifies a bad match-up (‘sparks’ between the two). Neutral match-ups have no outstanding symbol.

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