How to Make the Best First Impression on Your In-laws

The first time you meet your future in-laws will be one of the most difficult days of your relationship. You and your fianc�©e desperately want your future in-laws to like you. For the sake of their child they will be trying their best to make you more comfortable. Both you and your fianc�©e will feel stressed. That first impression is lasting and you must make a good one on your future in-laws. If you marry their child, this first meeting and the impression you make will go a long way to formulating your ongoing relationship.

Dress well. The first thing your future in-laws will see is how you’re dressed. If you came in ripped jeans, or a blouse that’s cut too low that’s what they’ll remember. When they’re asked for their impression of you the last thing you want is the in-laws talking about your clothes, so dress neatly. Clothes can have quite an effect on that first impression. Make sure you’re hair, teeth, fingernails and ears are clean. No, your future in-laws are not going to look in your ears or count your teeth, but its all part of the impression you make.

Let your fiancÃ?©e brief you on things not to talk about. If your future in-laws get riled when discussing local politics or the team they love is doing poorly, stay away from that subject. Don’t mumble, that creates an impression of fear and disinterest. If its appropriate, and you are a man, shake hands with her father and kiss her mother on the cheek. If you’re a woman kiss them both on the cheek. This gives the impression of comfort. Your future in-laws will be given the impression that you are ready to become part of the family.

What would your future in-law’s impression be of your career choices? Will your in-laws change their minds about you if their impression is that you have no goals? Show your future in-laws that you are ambitious and are planning on working hard to make a good life with their child. This will please them, as all parents want to see their child about to marry someone who will work hard.

When meeting your future in-laws for the first time you should always bring a gift, especially if your future in-laws have invited you for a meal. Depending on the preferences of your future in-laws, a bottle of wine or a nice dessert will make a good impression. The real lasting impression will be how you come across as yourself. Don’t try to be what you’re not. Remember the future in-laws are trying to make a good impression on you too.

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