Jaqua: Sweet Indulgence Without Guilt

Without a doubt, Jaqua is a girly girl brand. There is no pretension otherwise. Packaging is usually pink or brightly colored. Gift sets encourage spa parties and come with invitation cards to share the products with friends. The website has a page of celebrities who use their products, often quoted as having to resist the urge to actually eat the heavily scented products. Don’t let the over the top femininity turn you away from the products though. Even if you don’t care for pink, the packaging isn’t the important thing here. The real treat is inside all those girly boxes.

Sometimes just smelling delicious takes the edge off cravings for sweet snacks. Jaqua products certainly have this effect. The Buttercream Frosting smells exactly like the rich frosting, and provides an olfactory sugar high. Other foody scents include Mint Chocolate, Passion Fruit Cocktail, Peach Parfait and Lemon Meringue. The Lemon Meringue is one of the best scents in the line, lemony and sweet without becoming artificial or plastic. It actually smells like lemon meringue. There are also some floral and fruity scents for different product lines, including Pina Colada , Pink Champagne and Rose Bergamot . The scents are true to their names and quite appealing.

Jaqua produces thick and decadent body butters and lotions. These are the best product in their catalog. The Sinfully Rich Body Butter line is moisturizing and does not leave any greasy or sticky film behind. The Body Butters are made with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or shea butter. Scents are light enough to not interfere with any additional perfume and frequently layer well with other scents. The Lotions and Cremes are enriched with vitamins and extracts for healthy skin. There is a line of body scrubs made with sugar and nut oils to exfoliate and clear up dry skin. A stand out product in this category is the Maple Sugar variety for it’s sweet scent. It is like bathing with fresh maple syrup. Jaqua also produces shower gels, called shower syrups. There are also lip glosses, fragrance and dry oil sprays, and a couple facial products such as the Pumpkin Papaya masque. Jaqua continues to expand their product line slowly but surely, adding new scents and products.

Jaqua offers gift sets, organized around a theme. Jennie’s Bakery contains a face masque, body polish, and body butter all in foody scents. The Peaches and Buttercream Beauty Boutique offers lotion, shower syrup, and body polish to create a mix of the two scents. These sets are attractively packaged to make excellent gifts, and frequently go on sale.

Jaqua products may seem slightly more expensive overall than many other brands. However, there are often sales that make them comparable to most other bath and body brands. The website includes a store finder to locate the nearest retail availability, as well as online shopping. Jaqua is fairly easy to find in stores like Ulta or Victoria’s Secret. Jaqua products can often also be found for sale on eBay, offering another opportunity to try them for less. Thoughtful shopping can make it easy to make your bathroom smell like a bakery explosion, and that can’t be a bad thing.

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