Liposuction for Men: A Method in Body Sculpting

Lipsuction, first developed in the mid 1970s, by a gynecologist in Rome, progressed into the United States by the 1980s. Often a questionable and dangerous plastic surgery procedure, liposuction has taken a new dimension and route of existence by offering advanced services to men in the form of body sculpting and shaping. Understanding the method behind liposuction and the benefits to the male physique, will enable men to make a more educated decision with regard to this plastic surgery option.

As a general rule, liposuction involves the removal of fatty tissue from beneath the skin using a hollow wand instrument. The surgical instrument is inserted into a very small incision of the skin and fluid is injected in an effort to break up fatty deposits and toxic tissue. In this method, the broken stustance is them removed, through the wand instrument, and sucked out of the body for disposal. The result, with positive outcomes, leads to a decrease in fat cells and, therefore, improving the defination of already present muscle tissue.

For men, liposuction seems, at face value, odd. Historically thought of as a procedure for women, men are seeking liposuction in what is known as an advancement in technology in an effort to offer body contouring services. Unlike women, men generally do not seek out the liposuction services to remove excessive amounts of cellulite. Instead, men seek to remove excess fatty deposits from in and around the muscles to as to create a more muscular and toned physique. Most commonly, men are using liposuction in the abdominal and chest area to create a more defined “six pack” region and to excentuate the chest muscles. In rare cases, men with enlarged breast tissue, known as gynecomastia may seek the liposuction procedure in an effort to reduce the appearace of the enlarged areola.

In addition to torso related liposuction, men are also seeking liposuction in the area around the chin. By doing so, the liposuction results in a more defined chinline so often associated with what Hollywood considers a more attractive and definitive man. To some degree of note, the surgery, under the chinline, can create adhesions which attribute to the tightening of the skin. With age, however, these adhesions may attribute to pain in the face and jaw.

As with any surgical procedures, the risk are worth noting. Liposuction, when failed, leads to a distortion of the skin which can not be repaired easily. Additionally, the risks of bleeding, infection and chronic pain are noteworthy, although uncommon. Individuals with bleeding disorders or chronic pain syndromes should not seek out the liposuction procedure as an alternative to natural, fitness oriented, body sculpting.

Whatever the plastic surgery method, the primary focus should be locating a board certified plastic surgeon and ensuring procedures are completed under the proper health status. Understanding the liposuction options available to men will ensure a long and healthy life with the added impact of a more toned and noteworthy physique.

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