Looking for Freebies? Here are Some Great Websites

Who doesn’t love something for free? I think just about everybody loves a chance at free stuff. Many companies offer a free sample of a new product to entice you to buy the full-sized product at a later date. If the product is good – a lot of the time this certainly does work!

Many people go after free offers. So it is important to be sure to respond to a free offer that appeals to you immediately. Also be sure that you are following their instructions exactly.

Sometimes you will get your free samples very quickly. Other times it may take weeks for your free samples to arrive. The company will certainly fill orders for their free sample until they run out of their free samples. Just remember that old saying – “patience is a virtue”.

It can be a nice thing to be on the lookout for free samples that would appeal to your parents, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, other family members, friends and co-workers. Responding to free sample offers is often a simple and easy process.

In applying for a free sample offer the offer should be just that – it should be free. Sometimes you may have to pay a shipping charge. Occasionally there are some “offers” seen on the internet where they ask you to pay for other products or they want you to accept some trial offers. It is a personal choice, but I think a free sample offer should be free.

Here are some great websites where you can find free sample offers. They often post new offers daily, if not at least every week!

Free Site.com http://www.thefreesite.com/
This website has tons of freebies in lots of categories. There are freebies for bloggers and family freebies. There are free games – both online and freeware games. There are seasonal freebies and freebies for kids. There is information about prizes and contests. Lots to find at this website!

Freebies @ About.com http://freebies.about.com/
This is a great website with some interesting freebies. At my most recent visit there was an article about free or low cost health care for needy people – certainly a “freebie” that many people are desperately in need of. Freebies here are sorted into categories so you can easily look through and check out Baby Freebies or Pet Freebies for example. Nice selection.

I Love Freebies http://www.ilovefreebies.com/
This website has a great variety of freebies. There are freebies for your car and crafting freebies. There are CD and DVD freebies. There are clothing freebies. There are wedding freebies. There are teacher freebies.

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