Munich is a Real Eye Opener and Stunning Film, a Must See

Rarely does one film come around that is so widely talked about, so widely acclaimed by all the critics and so widely depicts a historic and stunning moment in the history of the world. That film is Munich. Munich depicts the slaughter of the eleven innocent Jewish Olympians who were killed by terrorists in 1972. This film is about the men hired by the Israeli government and secret intelligence to hunt down and assassinate the murderers of those Olympians.

The Munich Olympics is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the Olympics and this film is really emotional and dramatic in its depiction of the events. Moreover however is the character development of these men who hold ordinary professions such as carpenters, accountant, salesmen, etc. and are hired by the Israeli secret intelligence agency Moussad. Moussad hires these men through a fellow intelligence operative to track down and kill the terrorist responsible for the innocent murder of the Israeli Olympians. Each man in the group gets paid in cash and they get paid more money each time they eliminate and kill a terrorist.

Their travels take them all over the world to track down these terrorists and the manner in which they do it is draw dropping. Using explosives, guns and other weaponry, they take down one by one each of the men responsible for the terrorist attacks.
Along the way however, you see as each of the men hired by the Israeli government change in their personalities. They no longer become the men they originally were and instead become like trained killers and assassins and believe that they as people are no worse than the terrorists who murdered the Olympians.

This film is directed by Steven Spielberg and I would put this film up with the best of the films he has ever created. Spielberg digs deeper into the meaning of revenge and the morality of using violence to extract revenge. In the film the point man on the project is a man named Avner which is played by Eric Bana who does a masterful job of acting in the film. This film by Spielberg was nominated for 5 awards and this film will certainly surpass any expectations you may have of this film.

This film has so many interesting twists it will lead you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. I strongly and highly recommend this film to everyone as it is not only a valuable history lesson, but it is one of the best films showing raw emotion in the last couple of years.

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