Our Constant Searching for Something Better May Lead to Our Downfall

I’m sure this has happened to all of us, we go out and buy a computer. Two months after making the purchase, a newer and even better model comes out. But, you’re stuck with the system that you just bought. So what do you do? You sell your “older” computer for the newer one, or you keep your “older” computer and covet the newer model and hate yourself for jumping gun.

It is easy to say that we are obsessed with the bigger and better prize. We are always wanting the newest gadget, the newest cars. We never want to settle for something that is even a tad bit out-dated. So, who’s to say that this stops at our appliances? Could it be that you can never settle down because you are always looking for something “better” in your relationships?

Are you afraid that if you settle down with one “model” than a newer and more cost efficient relationship will come out of the wood-works? This uneasy, restless drive for the “better things” can be the demise of your love life. If you are always looking for something better, how will you know that what you have isn’t what you need?

I was at a car dealership the other day, and as I was browsing through the makes and models of cars, I came across the same model of my car. Except this one was a 2006 and mine is a 2004. Basically the design was the same, the aesthetics of the car were practically similar. But, there were some slight differences that made the 2006 model more appealing than my 2004 model. The car had a more airodynamic shape, the entertainment system was upgraded, the seats were a tad more comfortable. But when I took the car for a test drive, it drove exactly the same. The motion was transferred the same in the 2006 as it feels in my 2004.

So, why would I buy something that is practically the same expect for a few revamps in the stereo system? I would be buying the same car, just newer. This is the same when it comes to your partners. Aesthetically they might be a bit different, one wearing glasses the other contacts, tanner, voice sounds a little better. But, they drive the same, they have the same engine.

If I were to buy a newer model every year, I would be financially broken. If you exchange your “model” in for a newer one, you will be emotionally broken. You will never find rest if you keep searching for a newer model. How will you know that you really like cloth seats if you never sit long enough to form an opinion? Because, in your mind, you want leather seats, and you will not be happy until you get your leather seats. So, you get your leather seats, but they’re not heated. So you will not be happy until you receive your leather-heated seats. And so on and so on.

If the newer things easily distract you, you will never find that one person that completes you. If you are on the quest for the next bigger and better deal, you will never be satisfied, and in turn, you will suffer failed relationship after failed relationship.

“I believe there is this misconception that the other person should complete you. You put all your trust in this person to fill a void in your life and maybe they do temporarily, then when they don’t meet all your expectations you feel betrayed. Then, especially as Americans, we have come to expect immediate and constant gratification. We are easily distracted buy the newer, improved versions of everything! How can you truly be happy in your current relationship if you are always in search of something ‘better’?” – Faith

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