Removing Cellulite – Five Different Surgical Options

Approximately 90% of women in the United States have cellulite to some degree. Unfortunately, cellulite is considered a fact of life, but fortunately, it can be reversed.

Cellulite is the build-up of fatty tissue that pushes against the connective tissue beneath the skin, especially on hips, thighs and buttocks, resulting in dimpled or “puckered” skin, much like that which you might find on an orange peel. Alternative names of cellulite include orange peel syndrome, hail damage, the mattress phenomenon and cottage cheese skin, all of which are slightly less appealing in nature.

Treatment options for removing cellulite vary depending on the preference of the physician as well as the body chemistry of the patient.

Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS)
Muscle stimulators are used for a variety of afflictions, including the easing of muscle spasms. However, several spas nationwide have begun using EMS treatment for people with wrinkles and cellulite. This is a relatively painless procedure that may or may not work depending on the skin thickness and the range of cellulite.

Body Wrapping
This is a somewhat “iffy” procedure in which an individual is wrapped in a long garment after spreading a combination of lotions and creams on the skin. This tactic is meant to “melt away” fat in one-hour sessions over a period of several weeks. Whether or not body wrapping helps reverse cellulite is debatable, but it may be worth a try.

Natural herbal remedies are growing in popularity – even for cellulite. The ingredients found in Cellasene, a cellulite pill, are primrose oil, fish oil, glycerol, grape seed, soya oil, dried focus, soya lecithin, clover extract, biloba extract, bioflavonoid and iron oxide. Cellasene has been proven to lessen the effects of cellulite up to 95%, and is typically taken twice daily until results are achieved, then once daily thereafter.

The Lumicell Cellulite Treatment
This is a fairly aggressive cellulite removal procedure involving the use of infra-red and magenta light to break down cell chemistry in deep tissue massage.

Using small-dose injections of various vitamins and minerals along with lecithin – a natural enzyme – cellulite can be effectively dissolved from just below the bottom skin layer.

Choosing which procedure to use for cellulite removal can be difficult, and usually requires the advisement of a professional. Consider your body chemistry, the amount of cellulite on your body, and the results of procedures you have tried in the past in order to make an informed decision. It is also true that exercise, healthy diet and spending time in a sauna can help to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Further, cellulite is common in almost all women, and it may be nearly impossible to rid your body entirely of it.

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