Tanning Bed Safety Tips

Some think that the phrases tanning bed and safety do not belong in the same sentence but let’s face it, most of us will use a tanning bed at some point so why not try to use it as safely as possible. Of course the safest way to obtain a glowing tan is to get it from a bottle but most are not happy with the look of over the counter tanning solutions.

Tanning beds use high intensity UVA light bulbs to increase the body’s natural production of melanin. Melanin is the body’s pigment that causes the skin to have that glowing tan. The problem with the UVA bulbs is that they deliver the UVA in a much higher dose than what is normally found by being outside in normal conditions.

The increased exposure to UVA can cause premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancers. With all of the known facts, many of us will still seek out the local tanning salon to get a jump on the summer season.

When using a tanning bed, it is important to take a few steps to ensure that the tanning process is as safe as possible. If you would like to see the regulations that are set for tanning salons in your state, you can find them at http://www.clubsafety.com/tanregulations.htm

Upon entering the tanning salon, if a questionnaire about your medical history and prescription medications is not offered, ask for one. Make certain to look for any medications that you may be taking as some medications can cause severe burning or a hive like rash from UVA exposure. This is also a good time to ask questions about the amount of time that you should tan. If you are not certain, the staff of the tanning salon should be able to offer some guidance. If you are tanning for the first time of the season, start with a quick tanning session to see how your skin is going to react. The more conservative you are with your tanning time, the lower the risk of a serious burn.

Once registered and shown to the tanning bed area, look for a cleaning solution and a towel. If the staff states that the tanning bed has been cleaned since it’s last use, be persistent until you are allowed to clean the bed yourself. A thorough cleaning can cut down on skin infections that could be passed from one patron to the next.

Before entering the bed, make certain that tanning goggles are used and if you are wearing contacts, remove them before the bed is turned on. Serious damage can be done to the eyes if precautions are not taken to protect them.

While we may all agree that tanning beds are not safe, the fact remains that most will use them at one time or another. By following the tips above, you can lessen the risk of burns and other dangers associated with tanning bed use.

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