How to Buy a Mattress with Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs, parasitic animals of the cimicidae family that feed on blood, are a common problem in most of mattresses placed over your beds for quite some time. These tiny animals can cause a lot of problems if they are not detected in the earlier stages.

These animals or insects mostly feed on human blood, and find it very exciting to live under the ceilings of your bed. They remain unseen, and feed only in the early morning hours, when noticing them is extremely difficult.

Most of these prefer to bite at the bare skin when the person is fast asleep. Their bite is not painful, so one does not find it out until several days, when the skin starts itching. Face, Neck, Jaw and Arms are their preferred places to feed from. In cool conditions, they can reportedly live for around five to six months without feeding. However, the infants do not survive without feeding that long.

Bed Bugs can cause a number of health affects, and it is recommended to remove them as soon as possible. Skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms are some of the effects cause by the regular bites of these tiny animals.

Normally, Bed Bugs are only found in old mattresses. However, they can also be produced in new mattresses due to several reasons. Eggs or Bugs can directly travel with infested dwellings such as luggage or visiting person or pets, wild animals and many more.

Bed Bugs can be detected with their prominent smell, same like rotting raspberries. However, there are several pest control agencies that offer the services of detecting and removing these harmful tiny animals from your dwellings.

Purchasing a mattress that already has bed bugs in it can only be justified if one is planning to scare unwanted guest, or to take revenge from his/her mother or father-in-law or if you have lose your mind completely.

Nonetheless, if you have made up your mind to buy a mattress that already has bed bugs in it, you must keep some things your mind.


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    One must regularly visit garage sales, as several old items are sold in these sales. If you find a used mattress, inspect it properly, and smell it. If it smells like rotting raspberries, purchase it immediately.

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    One must visit landfills occasionally, as many people tend to throw away the mattress that has bed bugs in it, as they do not know the real value of it. If you can find any mattress in that place, bring that home immediately.

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    Remain in touch with the pest control agencies. If they find any house where they have just detected bed bugs in a mattress, visit that house, and ask the owners to sell that mattress to you.

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