How to Dress for a Baby’s Baptism

A baby’s baptism/christening is a very special occasion for the baby and its parents. Most of the time, these baptisms are held in a church, where most of the family and friends are invited. However, one of the main problems that guests face when going to these baptisms is that they have a tough time deciding what to wear. Since they are attending an event for a child, people might be inclined to wear bright colorful outfits; however, the event is in a church, which makes it a formal sort of occasion.


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    The first thing that you need to do is look at the invitation card and see if it has any instructions on the sort of dress code that the guests are required to follow. Sometimes, the invitation card lists down what colours to wear, and whether you need to be dressed formally, semi-formally or casually.

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    If you are a woman, and the card which you received doesn’t say anything in regards to dress code, then you should consider dressing in a skirt and blouse combo, or wearing a dress. You may also consider wearing a pant suit, if you are comfortable in it. However, avoid wearing a t-shirt and jeans to this event at all costs.

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    If you are a man, you can opt to wear khakis with a button down shirt. However, a suit is probably the best possible option for such events. Men should avoid wearing shorts, jeans and other informal clothes. Despite what you might think, the event is a very formal one.

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    Most of these events take place in a church, so you need to recall what it is that you would normally wear to church. More often than not, people dress up formally when going to church. So, if you end up wearing clothes that you would normally wear when you visit church, you should be fine.

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    One colour that you should look to avoid is the colour black. You need to realise the you are not attending a funeral, which is why you can’t be dressed in gloomy colours. The baptism is a very joyous occasion for the family, so look to wear neutral and light colours. You may wear clothes with black designs on them, but try not to wear clothes which are solid black. If you can substitute dark blue for black in your clothing, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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