How to Install H700 Bluetooth

In the modern world, Bluetooth devices are being widely used. Since you do not have to use your hands while using a Bluetooth device, which is why you can receive calls and listen to music even while driving with the help of a Bluetooth device.

H700 is a famous Bluetooth headset offered by manufactured by Motorola. Since a Bluetooth device is wireless, H700 is not a plug and play device you will have to install it properly before you can use it. It just takes a few steps to successfully properly install an H700 Bluetooth.


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    A typical Bluetooth headset may take hours to charge completely. Before you begin to install the H700 blue tooth, make sure it is fully charged. As an indication that your H700 blue tooth is fully charged, a light will turn green on the top of the headset.

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    You will see the ‘call’ button on top of the headset. Press and hold that button until a pink light turn on. At this point, you need to flip the headset boom and bring it to the open position. Even after you have flipped the headset boom, the pink light should remain on.

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    Now you need to put the cell phone that you will be using in combination with the H700 blue tooth in ‘pairing mode’. The procedure to do so is different for different cell phone model. Refer to the instructions manual that came with your phone if you do not know how to put your cell phone in ‘pairing mode’.

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    As soon as you put your cell phone in pairing mode, an options list will pop up automatically on your phone. From the list of options, choose ‘Add New Device’. Your cell phone will now search for all blue tooth devices within its range. If there are more than one blue tooth devices turned on in the room, select H700 blue tooth as the device you wish to pair with your cell phone. After you select H700, you will be prompted to confirm your selection by pressing ‘OK’. After you select the ‘OK’ option, you will have to provide a pass code which ‘0000’.

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