How to Make a Candy Castle

It is a well known fact that children are hugely fond of candies and sweets. No matter which part of the world you live in, you cannot keep the young ones away from the sweet flavours. It is not only the sugary taste of the candies that attracts children, but the attractive packaging of the products also plays a major role.

However, there is a way the young ones get even happier in comparison to when they see candies. It is when they see the Candy Castle. The Candy Castle can be made with a few easy steps and is very famous in the festive season when the children await their presents.

The Castle can be made with the help of empty cereal boxes, a variety of candies and empty paper towels.

Things Required:

– Large empty cereal box
– Variety of candies
– Lollipops
– Sugar and Wafer cones
– Royal icing
– Scissors
– Duct tape
– 2 empty paper towel rolls


  • 1

    Place the empty cereal box horizontally and cut both ends using a scissor. The cereal box will be the main building of the Candy Castle so it should be in good condition and should be cut in a proper manner.

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  • 2

    Now attach the two empty paper towel rolls to either side of the cereal box with duct tape. Make sure you stick the rolls firmly as they will be the pillars of the Candy Castle. Smaller boxes can also be attached to the side of the empty paper towel rolls or on the back of the cereal box to give the castle a more authentic look.

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  • 3

    Spread royal icing on the structure and decorate it with the help of cookies and candies. Also spread royal icing on the outer side of the cones. Now attach two cones upside down on the two empty paper towel rolls to give a proper castle look.

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  • 4

    Attach three more cones on the top of the cereal box in the middle and stick them with the help of duct tape. Cut the tips of the cones and place three lollipops in them to give the look of spires in the castle. Continue to spread the royal icing on the remaining parts of the Candy Castle and decorate the structure according to your desire with the help of more candies and cookies.

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  • 5

    Once the icing is complete and the Candy Castle is decorated, put it in a safer place away from children for a good 1 hour so that it can dry.

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