How to Petition Against a Private Bill at House of Lords

If the Parliament of United Kingdom is passing a private bill that you fear will affect you directly, then you reserve the right to oppose the bill or pursue its amendment in either, or both houses. You will have to file a petition for this purpose but a specific time is designated for filing the petition. The process to file a petition against a private bill is different from filing a public petition. You have to follow a set format and write in detail as to how the bill would affect you, or include a proposal if you would like to get it amended.


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    Defining a Petition

    A petition is a formal request sent to a dignitary requesting him to do something.

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    Who should file a Petition against a private bill

    Any individual, a group of individuals, or corporate can file a petition against a private bill in both the houses.

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    How to file a petition

    If you are planning to file a petition in House of Lords then the Private Bill Office needs to be contacted. The email address of Private Bill office is given below.


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    Option to file a petition in either or both houses

    One can file a petition in both houses but not at the same time. Also, one has the option to file a petition in either house.

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    Petition Time

    The petition can be filed initially when the Bill is initiated. The second petitioning period is of 10 days starting the day after it is sent to the second House. The dates of the petitioning period is given on private bill pages listed on the Bills, (before the parliament page) or from private bill offices.

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    Who decides wether a petitioner can give evidence to select committee

    In the House of Commons, a Court of Refree has the prerogative to make a decision of allowing a petition to provide evidence to a select committee. But in the House of Lords, this prerogative lies with the select committee when it meets for the first time to discus a bill.

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    Filing a petition in House of Commons

    If you decide to file a petition in  theHouse of Commons then click here for a detailed guideline.

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