How to Sell Your Novel

A traditional norm is that a novel seller usually has just few minutes to lure the editor in buying that novel. Hence, it makes every second critical in the sale of the novel. Some of the important pointers that will guide you to the path of success will be discussed later. One thing is to be kept in mind that trivial details should not be touched at any stage because an editor is not looking to understand the whole theory of your writing but the gist of it. So, make sure that no in-depth point is being conveyed that will just force the listener to lose interest in the presentation.


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    You should formulate a good proposal for the editor in which you pay a decent amount to him/her for the editing of your book/novel. The finishing touches to the work are absolutely crucial for the success of a particular story because correct sentence structure and vocabulary will help to retain the concentration of the reader for a long span.

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    Manuscript of the fiction stories should be brilliantly constructed with intelligent selection of vocabulary that clearly states the whole theme of the novel. Nonfiction writings are usually bought on the basis of the quality of sample chapter and the outline provided at the start. Hence, in both cases the care for respective items should be taken with serious attention.

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    Publishers usually cater to those writings that come via agents. Hence, hire an agent to enhance the chances of getting through with the deal. Moreover, choose the correct publishing house that matches your genre otherwise your novel will ramble across the book store in the wrong category and wouldn’t attract the target market.

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    Another thing that will do wonders to your work is a brilliantly scripted cover letter which will be coupled with a manuscript. The editor will have a first look at it and decide whether to go through with the work or not. Hence, the success rate of luring the particular editor for polishing the novel depends on the cover letter and manuscript.

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    Never pinpoint one particular editor or publishing company. Always list down the probable editors and publishing houses and then prioritize them according to your analysis. It will help you save time in case your novel is rejected by either an editor or a publishing house for their respective jobs.

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