How to Stop Brothers from Fighting

Siblings are surely among the most important people in one’s life. You spend your childhood together with your brothers and sisters and share each other’s sorrows and joys. Most of the times, siblings share a very strong bond, which lasts for a lifetime. However, at times there are bitter rivalries between brothers and sisters.

If there are any childhood differences or grudges, they may translate into more serious issues when people grow up.


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    Parents should set the tone

    If you are a parent, you would hate to see your children fighting. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure a peaceful atmosphere at home. Some parents fight a lot and shout at each other in front of the children. Such disturbances at home have serious psychological effects on the kids, who may become violent as a result.

    If you have any differences with your spouse, you must talk to him/her in private and not in front of the children. Address your issues gently, without losing patience or self-control.

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    Do not have a favourite child

    Some of the parents have favourites among their children and they do not treat everyone equally. This attitude sows seeds of hatred between brothers and they may not bond or get close as a result.

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    Wait before intervening

    At times, it is better to wait and let brothers solve their own issues. Give them time and space to voice their opinions. They may just be frustrated and will eventually realize their mistakes.

    However, you should immediately intervene when you feel that they are getting violent and may get physical with each other. At first, you need to be polite and make them understand the importance of family and forgiveness. However, you may need to be more strict if they persist with such behavior.

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    Have a code of conduct at home

    You must have a proper code of conduct at home and lead from the front by not violating it yourself. Children should know their limits and the penalty for crossing them. Be fair and honest in your treatment of all siblings and favor no single kid.

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