How to Treat a Separated Shoulder

Shoulder injuries can be really painful and one might need a surgery to gain proper fitness. When your shoulder blade gets disconnected from the collar bone, it is known as the separated shoulder.

Although such injuries are rare, yet many sportsmen suffer them and their performance gets badly affected. If your injury is not severe, you can easily treat it at home without needing anything special.

However, you will have to consult a doctor and go for expensive treatments in case the damage is quite bad. The separated shoulder is a common problem for athletes, who have to throw something like a ball, disc, javelin etc. Other than that, one can suffer this problem by taking a heavy tumble on the shoulders.


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    Apply an icepack

    As soon as you feel a problem in your shoulder, you will have to treat it on your own. The best thing in this case is to apply an ice pack on your shoulder. Keep it there for about 10-15 minutes, so that you start feeling a little better. If the pain is reduced, you can continue the game. However, the ideal situation would be to rush to a doctor in order to get medical attention straight away.

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    Get x-rays of the shoulder

    If you feel severe pain in your shoulder, you should go for x-rays straight away. Your doctor will also advise you the same, so it is better to get the report ready for the doctor to monitor. Depending on the situation of your injury, you will be given different tips from the doctor. If he/she says you need a surgery, you don’t have a choice, but you can treat the separated shoulder on your own, if the damage is not severe.

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    Apply sling to the arm

    If you wish to treat your shoulder quickly, you should apply the arm sling straight away. This will provide proper rest to the shoulder and you will not have to worry about any other thing. With the passage of time, you will start feeling the difference and will be able to move your shoulder freely.

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    Take anti-inflammatory medicine

    In order to fight pain, you will have to take some anti-inflammatory medicine. However, you should only go for this option in case of severe damage to your shoulder. Otherwise you should only look for natural means of treating the injury.

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