Interview Email Request

An interview email request is compiled by a professional who is already working for an organisation but wants to move on to a bigger organisation in order to enhance his/her career. This email is generally written to the human resource manager of an organisation with the purpose of getting an opportunity for an interview.

In the first paragraph, you should mention your current status or position along with your area of specialisation. Include your expertise and also mention your experience in this relevant field. Request the concerned authority to give you a chance for interview.

In the second paragraph, you should write your expertise in detail including your qualification in the relevant area. Also add if you have any professional achievements while working in your current or previous organisations.

In the third paragraph, you should write that you have attached your resume along with the photo copies of your academic and professional credentials with the email.


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    Sample of Interview Email Request

    Mr. Shaun Smith
    HR manager,
    Martin Publishing House,
    May 15, 2013,

    Subject: Interview Email Request

    Dear Mr. Shaun,

    It is kindly stated that I am working in a small publishing company, Laurel Publications, as a writer. However, I want to move on now and for that purpose I want to get an opportunity to work in your organisation, Martin Publishing House, as an author. Please give me an opportunity for an interview in this regard.

    I have produced many books and manuscripts on different subjects while working in my current organisation and I have also got an extensive experience of writing on various subjects. Please give me a chance for an interview to prove my knowledge and abilities.

    I have attached photo copies of all of my academic qualifications and professional achievements. I have also mentions the names of books that I have completed so far. If you want to know further details about me and my work then please contact me at 93845738 at any time you want. I am looking forward for your consideration in this regard.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Adam Stephen

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    Template of Sample of Interview Email Request

    [Write the name of concerned authority]
    [Authority’s designation]
    [Company’s name]
    [Write month, date and year]

    Subject: Interview Email Request

    Respected [write authority’s name],

    It is to bring into your kind notice that I am a professional writer and have an extensive [write years of experience] experience of working in this field. I am an author of many books and currently working at [organisation’s name]. However, now I want to move on and want to find a chance to work in your organisation, [name of the organisation]. Please consider my request and give me a chance for an interview.

    I am highly qualified individual as I have completed master’s degree in the area of [write your areas of specialisation]. Along with education, I have also gained a considerable experience of working in different organisations.

    You can find my credentials in the attachments with this email. Please give me a chance to prove my abilities. You can contact me anytime at [mention your phone number] if you want to know further details. I am looking forward for your kind response.

    Yours Sincerely,

    [Your name]

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