Opening & Closing Ceremonies of London Olympics

After the 29th Olympic Game which was held in Beijing, China, in summers 2012, fourth time London is honored to host the 30th Olympic Games. People are anxiously waiting to see participant from all over the globe, to gather at one place and compete against each other in a very friendly, and peaceful environment. But the icing on the cake is the opening and the closing ceremony, which has already grabbed everyone’s attention. On a very massive scale, a tremendous opening ceremony is programmed and along with the ending of 2012 Olympics, the closing ceremony will take place. This time a very artistic team has been selected, which will definitely grant viewers a thrilling and enthusiastic experience. Basically opening ceremony is held in order to welcome the athletes. Besides that, the host city is also given a chance to portray its culture and to refresh the ethnic traditions of Olympic Games. On the other side, Closing Ceremony’s actual aim is to thank the athletes and to congratulate the winners. In addition to this, the actual purpose is to handover the hosting duty to the next city, where the next Olympic Game will take place.


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    Opening Ceremony:

    Not only Londoners, but people all over the globe are expecting way too much for the 2012 opening ceremony, of London Olympics. The reason behind this vast anticipation is the fanatical artistic team, which has been selected under the supervision of Danny Boyle.

    Creative Team:

    The Oscar winning director along with his team members, are putting massive effort in making the night extravagant and lavishing. Danny Boyle is known for his artistic mind and innovative ideas, also best known for the films which have earned huge fans along with awards.

    Happenings at London Olympic's Opening Ceremony

    Though the entire idea and the happenings of the opening ceremony is not revealed, still it is known that people related to almost every field are participating in the show.

    It has been decided that the London flag will be raised by the arm forces of England, in the opening ceremony.

    Besides adults local school children will also be performing.

    The music pioneers Underworld, who have gathered huge fame in the field of electronic music, are appointed as music directors for the opening ceremony. The two main members Rick Smith and Hyde has acquired nice reputation, not only nationally, but internationally as well.

    Broadcasting of the Show:

    The home broadcaster of this prestigious event is British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Channel 4. BBC has been broadcasting Olympic Games for a very long time, and it aims to broadcast by several channels entirely 5,000 hours.

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    Closing Ceremony:

    After the conclusion of the event, the closing ceremony is held. This program has the similar importance as the opening ceremony.  The purpose behind scheduling this program is to congratulate the winners, honor their courage, and to pay respect to the participants who took part in the prestigious event, with peace and unity. The other eminent reason for holding this show is to handover the hosting title to the next city, where Olympic will take place, after two years. This time, London will handover Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the hosting responsibility.

    Creative Team:

    Under the supervision of Kim Gavin, a team for the closing ceremony has also been made, who will give an outclass end to the London Olympics 2012.

    Happenings at London Olympic's Closing Ceremony:

    Along with the athletes, flagbeares will make the entrance into the stadium.Then the national anthem will be played and the flags are hoisted on flagpoles. Three flags will be hoisted, which includes United Kingdom the host city, Greece the birthplace of Olympics and Brazil the next host city.

    London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, will join Jacques Rogge, the president of IOC on the rostrum, in order to handover the Olympic flag.

    The IOC president will then give a closing speech; in which closing of the games will be declared and appreciation of the hosting cities efforts will be mentioned.

    Broadcasting of the Show:

    BBC along with Channel 4 will be responsible for broadcasting this event live.

    Outshine the Cauldron:

    The last activity which is done in the ceremony is to extinguish the cauldron, which was ignited during the opening ceremony.

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