Things to Do on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is just about to come and the summer is also in full swing. The weekend offers a chance to spend time with family and friends.  This is an American holiday and started in 1882 to honor the labor workers. Presently it marks the end of summer and for some people it starts the football season. The weekend is utilized by many to celebrate end of summer activities. Every family or community has their own style of celebrating the Labor Day weekend. The article lists down some of the fun activities for the coming Labor Day weekend.


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    One of the obvious and guaranteed fun choices is to have a picnic. As this marks the end of summer so the weather is perfect to have picnic. It will be a great outdoor activity for the kids and you could even throw a small bash and invite other kids. it will be a good party to enjoy for the kids before they go back to school.

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    A white party

    This is the themed party where everything is supposed to be white: from furniture to the guest’s attire. You should sent out invitations at least a week before so that everyone has a chance to take out their white dresses or buy one if they don’t have it. It’s the last chance to wear this color before the Memorial Day. It sparks your creativity and gives you a chance to play with this decent and elegant color.

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    Labor Day parade

    When the Labor Day was originated, there used to be parades and speeches for this holiday. You could carry on the tradition and attend a parade. Many countries have this parade over the weekend. Take your family along as it tells them the essence of this holiday and it is also inexpensive.

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    Football game

    The football season starts so this is the perfect opportunity to go out and support your favorite team.

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    Family fun festival

    Many parks hold funfairs to entertain the whole family. So head out to your nearest parks where your kids can get face painting done and enjoy snacks from different stalls.

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    You have 3 days to spare, so it is a good idea to entertain some guests. Get your grill out and invite some friends over.

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    Arts festival

    There are many arts festivals during this holiday. Check your nearest gallery for the timings and if you are an art lover then spend some quality time there.

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    Make some Labor Day craft at home. This activity will get the kids involved. You could choose a profession and make a collage for it.

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    Some cities have firework displays at night to celebrate this holiday. Don’t miss out these colorful lights.

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    If you are too tired of your every day routine, Labor Day gives you a chance to relax. Just pick a good book and spend time on your comfortable couch.

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