What is The Connection Between Beta Carotene and Cancer

Scientific research has so far shown no positive connection between Beta Carotene and Cancer. In fact in some cases, Beta Carotene increases risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer in smokers. Scientists however are trying to find if the carotene found in vegetables and fruits are effective in treating cancer. There is no conclusive evidence of this so far. While Beta Carotene also known as Vitamin A has not been used for treatment of any cancer, and if it is lung cancer, it should not be used at all, as it can potentially aggravate the problem.


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    Beta Carotene is known as Vitamin A, which can be obtained from egg yolk, liver and dairy products. It is useful for development of body and generally people into exercise take this vitamin. It ensures quick growth of body.

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    Beta Carotene has no connection with cancer. There is no conclusive evidence that Beta Carotene is effective in treatment of cancer. The study is an ongoing process and scientists are trying to find out if any other form of carotene works against cancer.

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    Beta Carotene also has negative connection to lung cancer, it can potentially increase risk of lung cancer in smokers and should be avoided. Doctors are generally sceptical with respect to recommending Vitamin A to smokers or people who have risk of lung cancer.

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    Beta Carotene is converted into Vitamin A after eating apricots and other fruits into small intestine and retinol. It works very effectively in the body growth and development and have great health benefits.

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    Beta Carotene or Vitamin A are antioxidants, which work to protect cells in the body from damage caused by molecules. This type of damage can sometimes lead to cancer and in a way Vitamin A works to protect the body from cancer indirectly and at very initial stage.

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    Beta Carotene is generally found in fruits which are yellow in colour. For example, pumpkins, mangoes, apricots and cantaloupe are rich source of Beta Carotene of Vitamin A. The vitamin is also found in vegetables such as spinach, carrots and broccoli.

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    Beta Carotene is very good for health, as it ensures quick development of body. Its intake is especially recommended if you are into an exercise regimen, when body needs more nutrients because of excessive workout.

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