Advice on New Year Resolutions for Women

Can you recollect when was the last time you made a New Year’s resolution? Do you even recollect how many New Year resolutions you have made in yourâÂ?¦young or not so young life? Oh don’t fret I am not going to ask how many of the resolutions were kept and how many were compromised or buried under the welter of tight schedules, pernickety attitudes, or your unwillingness to let go of the shenanigans of socialite living.

So are resolutions destined to be conjured and then vaporized, year in, year out, or are they capable of achieving something worthwhile. If only you could have found a way of keeping at least some of those resolutions of the yesteryears. Then what! Then your body could look like Heidi Klum’s, your skin would glow like Madhuri Dixit’s and you would be the sweetest person anyone ever met. When you make a resolution, you are ageless. And you would stay ageless if you found a way to follow them through.

Here are some tips that can help you stay resolute on your resolutions:

1. Plan ahead. Hey, does a New Year resolution have to be made bang on the New Year’s Eve. Why can’t it be made earlier or later down the year? Always remember, it is never too late and never too early to make a fresh start.

2. Make a list of things you want to do and stick it at a prominent place in your house. For example, if your resolution is to follow a new diet regimen then post a note on your kitchen.

3. Be open about what you want to achieve. Tell your family members and friends, who will be there to be to support you if you falter. Your resolution does have to be a classified top secret like the exact terms and conditions in the marriage contract, which Britney Spears signed with her latest hubby.

4. Be realistic. Go all-out for a goal that is attainable.

5. Outline your plan. Planning is the key in achieving anything. Plan forward how you will deal with the glitches that crop up to spoil your resolutions.

6. Reward yourself. How about buying yourself a new diamond tiara every time you stick to your resolution. Or how about a new designer dress. Of course, your husband or boyfriend will pay for anything.

7. Don’t beat yourself. If you falter once or twice don’t take it to heart. Everyone slips some of the times. Even hotshot models slip. Watch Ftv to see scenes of models slipping on the catwalk.

8. Keep trying. If your resolution has started running out of steam within a week, think of new ways of getting it back on the track. Remember it is not the most efficient but the most persistent that wins the race.

9. The ninth point I leave for you to think. While making your resolution think of at least one-way of making it work.

So now that you know all about sticking to resolutions it is time to talk about the big thing itself. Here is a peek into the likely resolutions for 2005. It is said that the most common resolution for women is to loss weight. But losing weight has never been fun, it calls for exercise (yuck!) and dieting (am I going to miss all that yummy food). So here are a few resolutions that would be most fun to keep.

1. I want to be plump and beautiful. Look like heroines of yesteryears instead of the anorexic Barbie dolls of today.

2. Watch more TV. I’ve been missing far too many saas-bahu soaps.

3. Assert yourself. Never surrender the control of that TV remote to anyone in the house.

4. Learn to shout. So that you can holler at bus and truck drivers every time they bring their rattletrap too close to your car.

5. Be more self-absorbed: All me, all the time.

6. Stop cooking, what are the restaurants for.

7. Buy your husband a cookbook. One can’t always eat in a restaurant, its time he learnt how to cook some decent food, his cooking was abysmal last year.

8. Procrastinate forever. Why do today what you can procrastinate till tomorrow.

9. Stop exercising. Waste of time

10. Force your husband or boyfriend to take exercising in a big way. You deserve someone hung like Brad Pitt.

11. If a man ogles at you on road, ogle back.

12. Learn boxing and punch any guy at parties who is loudmouthed or plays stupid games on his mobile phone. Mohammad Ali’s daughter learnt to box, so why can’t you.

13. Punch those sexy-females at parties who flit around in tight clothes and high-heeled stilettos trying to seduce everyone’s boyfriends and husbands.

14. When walking on the street tell the slow walking guys or women to get out of your way, if they don’t punch them on their head.

15. Start being superstitious

16. Quit saving. What is money for if not to spend.

17. Prove to everyone that women are no less than men. Start drinking. Britney is sozzled all the time, so why shouldn’t you be the same.

18. Start working for world peace. Best way to impress the uppity ladies in the neighborhood.

Have these resolutions rattled too many tail feathers. Hey but it is ‘either-or’ situation everywhere in life. Either you can have fun or you can beâÂ?¦you know the sticky sort. Does this sound negative? OK my mistake. Lets draw a positive picture out here. The year is new and it is time to dream anew. Dreams are stepping-stones to success. Make sure that in 2005 you step on all those stones that lead to success. The key isâÂ?¦hold it, I am going to spell it out for you. BELIEVE. That’s it! If you believe in yourself nothing can stop the magical promise of 2005 from dawning on you, your family, your pet, everyone around you.

Here are some resolutions of the serious sort, you know what I mean, the sort that all of us think of from time to time. The resolutions may sound difficult but with determination anything is achievable. Remember what the key to success is- BELIEVE.

1. Call up a forgotten friend. Start the New Year by dropping an old grudge and replacing it with pleasant memories.

2. Free yourself of envy and malice. If Mrs. X or Miss. Y has bagged a new Mink Coat that doesn’t mean you should go green with jealousy.

3. Stop blowing up issues and being obsessed with minor everyday problems. Always keep in mind the bigger picture, which often is brighter.

4. Stop shooting from the hip. Think carefully before passing a judgment.

5. Develop a sense of humor. Learn to laugh even if the joke is on you.

6. Read good books. Chuck the thrash out of your house. You won’t eat garbage so why store it in your head.

7. The sweetest three words in the world are- ‘I love you’. Speak those words as often you can and forge deeper relationships.

8. If you can’t do something then don’t discourage others from trying it. Be encouraging to beginners. They need all the help that you can give.

9. Develop a sense of luxury. Every week take an herbal bath, give yourself a pedicure, rent a favorite movie, or go off to watch a concert or play.

10. Improve your living environment. Buy paintings, or artifacts that really touch your heart.

11. Add a new facet to your personality. Learn to play violin or piano.

12. On election day go out and vote (put off that jaunt to the hill station for some other day)

13. Lose weight.

14. Eat properly / correct your diet

The list of resolutions for betterment could go on an on. Ultimately it is you who will decide which of these are the ones for you and which are not. So clink that glass of champagne and promise yourself that 2005 is the year of magical promise for you. It is the year of magical promise because you are going to make it so.
Cheers and Happy New Year!

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