Dating, Coupletime, Romance: Everyone Wants to Feel Special and Loved

Dating, Coupletime, Romance
Love at first sight is how everyone thinks they will meet the right one. It is a part of life to fall in love. When one falls on love it is a new beginning of life. I remember when I fell in love the first time I was happy, insecure, excited and loved being with that person. It was great. Every couples have arguments and that is healthy. If you can work through little things, then your relationship can last a lifetime.

When you choose to date, that is the best time to start looking. The best ways to look are via your friends, or maybe even through a matchmaker, online, or through work. It is best if you do know the person. Meeting someone on the internet can be safe, but you can not believe everything they say. The internet hides the face, remember that. Some people lie and cheat to get a date online. Do not fall for a liar. Mr. Right is nowhere. There is no such thing as Mr. Right. You can only find a person, a soulmate who fits you best and treats you right. When you find him after a few months or a few years you may think then he is Mr. Right. That is fine.When you start to date do not look for someone because you do not want to be alone. Look for someone you would want to spend your whole life with.

If you find someone through a mutual friend or on your own, that is best that way. The more time you spend with someone the less chance you will want to be online. Sometimes your bestfriends are your soulmates. Hang out with them.

Some places to find a date:
Local bar, not a trashy one
Friend’s party
At a wedding
In school, college
At a community event
A family event

For couples that have been dating for a while that are probably talking about marriage: You do not have to get married right away. Maybe even wait a few years. The important parts in a relationship are:


Trust is to be earned, never given. If you trust that person that you trust them not to cheat, lie or steal from you.

Communiction is a big plus. You need to communicate with each other always. If you do not then problems could start here. If you are in a argument, then walk away and come back in a few minutes not hours.

Compromising is meeting each other half way. There is no one way street. Treat each other as equals.

Romance has to be there. If you are not going out once a week or spending the night in, than maybe you have drifted away. I know stress can cause drifting. Make a schedule and stick to it. Go out for a drink or to dinner. Romance her with roses. Romance him with a kiss and wear that little black dress. Women love to feel special and men love to look at pretty women.

Sex is number one. When you meet a person, you do not have sex with them right away. The sex is what you wait for. You may fall in love at first sight but it is not about sex. Sex can wait. When you do have sex with that person, make it special because that is what you will love more about that person.

Respect is a must. No one wants to be disrespected in any way. If you do not respect your mate then maybe it is time to go. There is a limit on how much a person can take.

Love. If you do not love, then it is easier for you to lie and cheat on them. If you are in love show each other your affections. Love can only grow stronger.

The number one getaways to go as a couple are:

Disney World
Cruise to the Carribeans
The beaches
A balloon ride

Every couple has to have memories of good times. Go on a cruise and have a blast with each other. Maybe you will come back married or ready to plan one. If you love each other then have happy thoughts only. You do not want to stress out on little things. Why waste life being miserable.

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