Helping Teenagers Find a Job

For some teenagers, being able to obtain after school and weekend employment is one of highlights of turning 16. Teenagers have several wants. These include clothes, shoes, and money for entertainment. However, unless blessed with overly generous parents, most teenagers quickly discover that there are financial limitations. To alleviate the headache of begging parents for extra cash, many teenagers decide to seek part-time employment.

Teenagers have several job options available to them. Grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants are always looking for reliable help. Because the part-time pay is slightly lower than most jobs, this is perfect for teenagers hoping to earn an extra hundred bucks or so a week. Other teenagers take the entrepreneurial approach and earn their money by babysitting, cutting grass, etc. Many factors go into choosing a good part-time job. To gain the most from working, try to choose a job you like.

Put Special Skills to Good Use.

For the most part, teenagers have limited options. Without a high school diploma, it will be difficult to hand a sizeable paying part-time, or full-time job. Still, if you have any special skills or talents, use these to your advantage. Many schools offer vocational technology classes. These courses teach a variety of skills from computer operation to landscaping. Teenagers who study computers may attempt to get a part-time job working in an office building. Job duties can be as simple as computing documents, spreadsheets, filing, and other clerical duties.

Is Transportation an Issue?

Before applying and accepting an after school or weekend job, take into consideration the transportation factor. Most teenagers do not have their own vehicles. To be a reliable employee, you must have reliable transportation. The majority of employers will not accommodate employees that are unable to complete their shift due to lack of transportation. Some cities have public transportation and cab services. These may serve to your advantage. If you do not have your own car, discuss the issue with your parents. They may offer to drop off and pick up, or allow you to borrow the car.

What are Your Plans After Graduation?

If you plan on pursuing an occupation after graduation, it may be beneficial to get a part-time job in your field of interest. For example, if you will major in journalism while attending college, working at the local newspaper can help get your foot in the door. In the beginning, you will likely be answering phones and getting coffee. Still, this is a great way to move forward in the company and gain insightful knowledge on the daily operations of a newspaper.

Develop Interviewing Skills.

For your first job, most employers will not expect an impressive resume. However, if applying for an office position, employers may request a brief description of skills and past employment. If so, it is important to compose a professional resume. Examples of various types of resumes are found online. Study these examples, and model your resume after them. Additionally, avoid using cutesy word fonts and color paper. Plain text font and white paper is very professional, and will leave a good impression.

The primary tool you will be using to obtain employment is yourself. The interview is critical. In fifteen short minutes, employers can easily determine whether you are a match for the company. While interviewing, avoid using slang terms. A professional speaking voice will carry you a long way. Furthermore, do not be late. Some employers refuse to interview those who arrive late. If an emergency arises, call in advance and attempt to reschedule. Lastly, dress professional. If unsure of the proper way to dress, ask parents or your school’s career counselor for advice.

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