How Teens Can Create Their Own MTV Reality Show for Fun or Possily More!

If the celebrities can come up with their own reality television show why cant you? It really sounds a lot more difficult than it is. Of course this does not mean that you will be offered your own spot on MTV, but at least you would have fun doing it, and hey you never know. The first thing that you need is your own video camera.

Look around to find one that is comfortable for you to transport around, and that you can easily work. Your next job is to recruit some friends to be regular on your reality shows. Remember when it comes to making your own show nothing can be staged, it’s all about letting things happen naturally. You should not try to include everyone from your school, try at least five people at the most. Anymore than that would really be a little on the ridiculous side.

I would stay away from the videos of your friends doing crazy stunts. For one thing they already have tons of these shows on television, and no one wants to watch your friends hurt each other. Just try walking around with the camera on the weekend when you are out and about with your friends. Make sure to get all of the juicy phone conversations.

Remember in order to make this really work you and your friends have to have a really interesting life. Continuous drama is really the key to making a good reality television show. One thing you will want to make sure is that you don’t tape in places where cameras are not allowed. So check before you go to the mall or any store. In most states you will need permission to put them on your tape. You want to have fun making this tape and not get into trouble doing it.

A good idea would be to record when you and your friends are trying to audition for something, or trying to win something. For example if you have a school talent show coming up and you are planning on doing something a little crazy you should tape this. Tape your rehearsal, the drama in between and the final outcome.

Hey you never know when MTV or another network will decide that they want teens to send in their own submission of their reality television show. Even if that never happens at least you and your friends will have some really funny memories to look at. How many times can you say that something funny happened and you wish you had gotten it on tape?

Well if you make sure that your camera is always handy your homemade teen reality television show will be a hit. For additional information on reality shows you can visit the following websites:,

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