How to Make Your Own Chunky Bead Necklace

The hottest fashion accessory right now has to be the chunky bead necklace. Major runway designers have incorporated this simple, yet versatile piece, within their collections abundantly this fall. But who said that fashion designers dictate your wardrobe! Why not make your own chunky bead necklace, and matching earrings? It’s actually quite easy and takes about 30 minutes, and this quick step guide will help you right along.

First off, you really don’t need to be a jewelry expert to create a personalized bead necklace. All you need is some time. You need to decide what types of base beads to use (base beads will be the largest main beads utilized in your piece). I recommend plastic beads since the necklace will be relatively long enough to wrap once around your neck, and you want to make sure your beads don’t damage easy. Also wood beads, or semi precious stones are good. Just make sure your beads are at least 20mm. Also to add a little flair to your necklace look into a color you like that contrasts nicely with the base bead you chose, and buy small beads to use as spacers between your base bead.

I recommend buying Swarovski bicone crystals because they are shaped perfect for spacing. In addition, it will fit nicely as an end piece for your matching earrings. You can choose the appropriate size for your bicones, but I recommend 4mm/5mm.

What you will need:
�2 head pins
�flat tip curved pliers
�wire cutters
�2 earring hooks
�round tip pliers
�stretchy clear string
�assorted beads of your choice (be creative)

Where you can find your materials (cheaply):

Cut off a length of clear bead string long enough to loop over once by your neck and hang mid-chest. Start beading the necklace with a Swarovski bicone and then a base bead until your desired length is reached. Make sure you knot one end of the string tight enough so that the Swarovski bicone does not fall off when you begin beading. When you complete the length of the string make sure you leave at least a small piece of string (no more than 1.5cm) to tie up your work. Securely knot the ends of the necklace. If your having trouble doing it by hand, use your pliers to help.

To complete you matching earrings, bead your head pin with Swarovski bicone first. Then Bead it with a base bead. After you have done so, take your round tip pliers and place them about 2mm over the top of the bead and bend the top of the wire over to a 90 degree angel so it touches the top of the pliers. Next bend the head pin wire with your flat tip pliers so that it makes the shape of a U curve. Both Directions of the pin should be facing down. Insert the looped section of your earning hooks before you go any further.

Make sure the looped section of the earrings are placed at the top of the curve you created, and re-insert your round nose pliers to their previous position to complete the loop we are about to create. Finally, bend the head pin wire again to a 90 degree angel to complete a loop. Cut off excess wire, but leave enough so that you can wrap wire along the shaft of the head pin that is over the base bead. Hold the bend with your round nosed pliers while you wrap excess wire, it facilitates the wrapping process. Your finished loop should look something like the image below. And that’s it. If you have left over beads, why not consider a matching bracelet.

There it is, you’ve just created your own original matching jewelry set, for half the retail price! Who said designers have to do all the work.

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