How to Write Wedding Vows

Creating the perfect wedding vow is difficult for a lot of brides and grooms. Sometimes it is even overwhelming due to the fact that a person only has one opportunity and they want to do it perfectly. Many people spend a lot of hours attempting to write their wedding vows. In their mind they have spent even more time rehearsing exactly what they desire to say, but when they write it down it just does not sound right. Instead of letting this get the best of them they should decide whether the vows are to be traditional, funny or romantic then simply follow these tips for writing wedding vows that they will be extremely happy with. These tips are:

(1.) A person should write from their heart. They should choose a couple of words that remind them of their fianc�© and write them down. Then start adding and blending words until the words come together to form the perfect wedding vow. Try this a couple of times and a wonderful, heart felt wedding vow will be had.

(2.) Write down the words “remember when” then build the wedding vow around a memorable moment.

(3.) Write out a couple of wedding vows then work to combine them together to create the perfect wedding vow.

(4.) For those who love poetry there are numerous web sites available with beautiful poetry that would work perfectly as wedding vows. Of course, some improvisation will be needed as some words will need to be added or removed.

(5.) Some questions can be asked and answered to help a person create their wedding vows. These questions include: What do you really love the best about your fianc�©? Is it their their willingness to give, their smile or maybe the way that they love you? What does the thought of marriage mean to you? Why do you want to spend the remainder of your life with this special person? Was there a special moment when you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person?

If the wedding is to be a religious ceremony then the person should be sure to check with the person who is officiating the service to see which words, if any, should be avoided. A person should also be prepared to encounter writer’s block. This can be worked through so that a great wedding vow can be written from the heart. Once the perfect wedding vow has been written it is time to practice, practice, practice. Remember! Practice makes perfect.

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