ID Card Lanyards and Neck Chains

ID Card Lanyards and Neck Chains are a couple of the most popular methods for keeping track of your ID cards. Used everywhere from airports to universities, lanyards and neck chains are some of the easiest ways to keep track of your ID card.

When you carry your ID card in your pocket or wallet, there is always a chance it will get lost, or even misplaced. Taking a card in and out of your backpack is also extremely annoying, and a lanyard or neck chain can make it much e3asier to access your ID card at all times.

Lanyards and neck chains perform the same functions, only lanyards are commonly made out of plastic or other material, and neck chains are made of chains or even beads, depending on how fancy you choose to go. A lanyard has a connector on the end to hold the ID card.

Some lanyards and neck chains have a small, clear plastic pocket that serves as a card holder; others have a connector that clips onto the ID card or hold it through a hole punched in the top of the ID card.

Lanyards and neck chains can be customized to whatever specifications you desire; lanyards are especially nice if you want to make them personal or symbolic, as they can include different designs and patterns, company or school name (if you go to a college campus, many students use lanyards to carry their ID cards; often these lanyards have the schools logo running up and down the material) and more.

Beaded neck chains are popular and usually come in metal and plastic and, like plastic chains, they come in numerous colors. Metal chains usually come in several bead lengths and sizes. Neck cords are especially common at tradeshows and industry events and are popular for displaying name badges and IDs because they are affordable and lightweight.

Many companies elect to have their staff wear their ID cards when working for instant identification, and this is especially useful for companies that employ many employees. Lanyards help keep the ID card readily visible, minimize the chance of theft, and make it easier to identify security breaches.

They are also very good for access control systems, allowing you to use them as badge holders, key holders, logging in and out of readers efficiently, etc. Lanyards are also used for numerous other reasons, such as cell phone holders, travel documents like passports, eye class containers, water bottles, and any other number of applications you can think of.

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