Making Your Own Flower Pots

To begin making your flower pot it is always best to find an area outside that you can use as your work space. You will want to avoid using a closed in space for this project. It really is not as difficult as you may think. In order to make your flower pot you will need some cement mixture, regular house paint (in whatever color you want the pot to be), paint brushes, painting oil, two large empty buckets, and a small flower pot. These type of flower pots are very easy to make, and you can get the kids involved as well.

The first thing you need to do is mix your cement mixture into the large empty bucket. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions on the cement bag. For most cement mixtures you will have to gradually add water and stir. Make sure that the mix is not thick but a little on the runny side. Next you will want to take the painting oil and rub it into the mold, making sure that you cover the entire inside of the mold, this will make it a lot easier to remove the cement from the mold. The next step is to add your cement to the mold, only filling it half way.

Make sure that you spread it evenly into the mold. Then place the small flower pot directly in the middle of the mold bucket, this will help to set the shape of the flower pot. Then allow your mold to dry. This will probably take several hours. It will help if you can set the mold in the sun to allow it to harden. Once the cement is hard you can them remove it from the mold. Make sure that it is completely dry before you remove it.

Now that you have your pot it is time to decorate it. You can use the paint to begin painting your pot. Make sure that you take your time and add at least two coats of paint. Allow the first coat to dry before you add the second coat. If you want to put any additional decorations on the pot then you will want to make sure that the first two coats are completely dry. Once the paint is dry you can then add your dirt and start planting your flowers. So as you can see it really is very simple to make your own flower pot.

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