New York City Summer Day Camps That Teach Children Jewish Heritage

Summer doesn’t have to mean that you listen to your children sitting around kvetching about how bored they are. It is possible to send them to any number of day camps in New York City that offer a Jewish perspective, all the while offering fun and wholesome activities. Here are three different day camps with a Jewish perspective in the New York City Area that can give you at least a week’s relief from the complaining.

The Samberg Family History Program

Located in Manhattan, this program actually lasts four weeks. It is for youth ages 16 to 18. The program is interdisciplinary, combining genealogy and history. The youth who participate in the program, which is a joint project from the Center for Jewish History and the American Jewish Historical Society, find out how to discover their own families’ histories. They learn how to use archival information at the Center for Jewish History, and they also learn how to use the cultural resources in New York City to find out about their families. Field trips throughout New York City are offered, and there are workshops (making original historical photos, documents, and objects. The students also put together an independent creative project. Info at 212-294-8324.

Masorti Day Camps

These day camps are geared for children between the ages of 1 and 11. They are a part of the Masorti Movement, which is a Conservative movement. The day camps established as part of the Masorti Movement are designed as vital tools in Jewish education. The idea is to expand the awareness of the Masorti Movement in Judaism and to teach children about their heritage and to help them build their faith. The camp curriculum features hands-on activities that are fun and designed to teach children about Jewish family and life cycle observances, as well as Jewish holiday, from the Masorti perspective. Additionally, an appreciation of Jewish ethics is taught. Get more information at 212-871-2216.

Ramah Day Camp in Nyack

This is a very fun day camp, mainly because it offers all of the activities one would expect from a day camp. Ramah Nyack is for kids aged 5 to 13. A variety of activities, allowing children to experience the gamut of summer camp staples, is provided. Different sports, arts, and crafts are all offered. There is also swimming, computers, cooking, nature, music, drama, and camping (if desired). What makes this camp different from other day camps is the fact that the camp is infused with Jewish perspective. While the kids are there, they will be in an atmosphere that supports and encourages them to remain true to their heritage and faith.

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